The London Blockchain Meetup: Why AI needs Blockchain has concluded!

Results are in: blockchain is the perfect environment for AI

Hello, humans! We tip our hats to you and declare with much pride and joy that the first meetup we held in London — “Why AI needs Blockchain”, was a resounding success. The event marks a pivotal moment for both the AI and blockchain spheres as it showcases that two of the most innovative technologies present on the market can complement each other to pave the way for new innovation and opportunities. The meetup was attended by AI researchers and blockchain developers who exchanged ideas and opinions on why blockchain is the perfect environment for AI.

Organized as a series of panel discussions moderated by Vali Malinoiu, Head of Blockchain and Florin Otto, Co-founder & CPO, the event delved into the question of “Why AI needs Blockchain”, examining why the technology behind NFTs and cryptocurrencies can act as an enabler for the heart-driven AI of the future. The short answer is that blockchain’s unique set of characteristics like decentralization, distribution, immutability, and transparency, as well as its ability to ensure governance, user control, granular ownership and privacy, are game-changing features that answer some pressing issues related to artificial intelligence and how it is maintained ethical and under close human supervision.

Vali and Otto were joined by Shin Huang, Program manager @Metagen.AI and Metaverse host @Transhumanists in VR, Guillermo Valle, Founder & research lead @MetaGen.AI and AI researcher @INRIA and Jiahao Sun, Co-Founder & CEO to discuss how and why blockchain is an ideal framework for ensuring governance, user control and privacy for AI. Furthermore, this team of experts touched on how this powerful combination of technologies will have a game-changing impact on the Metaverse, crypto, artificial intelligence as a whole, and the concept of extended reality (XR).

With its suite of powerful benefits, blockchain has a transformative impact on artificial intelligence, making it more coherent and understandable for a wider range of people. When used as a framework for AI, blockchain unlocks a series of potent benefits related to how AI, the most powerful instrument available to mankind, is governed, monetized and executed. At the same time, blockchain makes artificial intelligence more inclusive by enabling virtually anyone to leverage AI to create content at scale or automate their businesses.

Recognizing the potential of blockchain to become an AI enabler, is working tirelessly to develop its own blockchain, aptly named the Humans Blockchain, a platform designed to host and facilitate the creation of AI products that are backed and maintained honest by real human beings.

Commenting on the event, Florin Otto, Co-founder & CPO, stated: “The discussions that took place during this meetup highlight the fact that we will witness blockchain and AI reach a new level of maturity that will generate new use cases and value. By bridging the gap between blockchain and AI, we will certainly witness a transition to the web3 era and a new stage in the development of AI, one in which blockchain will play an essential role.”

The “London Blockchain Meetup: Why AI needs Blockchain” took place on June 30th at one of the most iconic buildings in London, One Blackfriars, informally known as The Vase or The Boomerang due to its shape, at the 32nd-floor business lounge. The meetup was organized as a series of panel discussions and a fireside chat that explored why blockchain is a perfect environment for AI:

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