Humans x Hedera: Evolving from partnership to explore new synergies

Deep-tech startup is making waves in the artificial intelligence sector with its most recent partnership with the United Arab Emirates-based consultancy group Deca4 bringing its AI NFT technology to the mainstream by launching them on the Hedera public distributed network.

This technological partnership marks a far-reaching step for the AI and blockchain industries as it generates an answer to the interoperability question, paving the way for the creation and adoption of interconnected digital worlds, also known as the metaverse. As a result of this collaboration, the Humans AIverse will launch as the first executable AI NFT ecosystem that is interoperable between the Humans Blockchain and the Hedera network.

To achieve the ultimate goal of interoperability for its intelligent digital assets, Humans will wrap its AI NFTs on the Hedera network to enhance how these assets are managed and used. In turn, AI NFTs will benefit from the fast, reliable, energy-efficient, and secure decentralization offered by the Hedera network.

Klon, the first AI tech brought by Humans in Hedera

The ultimate goal is to interoperability: will wrap its AI NFTs on the Hedera network has integrated Klon, a state-of-the-art AI algorithm in the Hedera ecosystem, which allows companies and content creators to scale their craft and generate new and exciting content. Klon is the first tool from the Hedera ecosystem that enables you to create professional-looking videos with just a few clicks, using text-to-speech and text-to-video algorithms.

The first AIverse project integrated with Hedera is Klon, the AI video generation tool that enables users to create professional text-to-speech content with realistic avatars. Using Klon and AI NFTs, you can now unlock and own AI collectible assets in Hedera that can generate new content. For example, to unlock an AI voice type, such as a female Italian voice, the user must own its representative AI NFT.

Users can access the solution developed by Humans to use digital synthetic avatars capable of speaking every language of the world, allowing creators to tear down language barriers and access a wider audience.

The exciting part is that you aren’t limited only to the default digital avatars, as Klon allows anyone to create a synthetic replica of themselves. But this is only the beginning of this fruitful partnership, as the two companies will continue to explore and develop new technological synergies that will reimagine industries like media, entertainment and sports.

How to KLON

Klon is the first AIverse project brought by in Hedera

Technology is usually complicated, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be so. This approach is perfectly encapsulated in Klon, which was designed to effortlessly give people access to the powerful features of AI and digital avatars at their fingertips.

It takes only a few steps to scale your potential with Klon:

1. Connect your wallet — to access everything Klon has to offer, you need to connect your Metamask wallet.

2. Select your avatar — choose what avatar you want to use for your video. You can fill in the form from the page to send us a request to create a digital replica of yourself.

3. Add the text — you can control what the digital avatar says via text input. Keep in mind that you need to match the language of the text to the language of the voice. Also, the longer the text input, the longer it takes to generate the video.

4. Customize the video — if the default voice setting isn’t to your liking, you can play around and experiment with the settings adjusting parameters like speaking and pitch speed. Before generating the video, you can play a demo to see how everything sounds.

5. Generate your video — if you’re happy with how everything is set up, click generate to make the magic happen.

The Humans AIverse, a new AI macrocosm

Klon was designed to give people access to the powerful features of AI and digital avatars at their fingertips

The Humans AIverse is where people get decentralized access to an extensive ethical AI toolkit through which they can scale their potential through humanity’s most powerful creation, artificial intelligence.

By marrying artificial intelligence with blockchain technology, is creating the AIverse, an all-in-one AI ecosystem that encompasses all the tools and knowledge necessary to build AI and to ensure its ethical use. The AIverse opens up a whole new world of possibilities by enabling real humans to scale their potential by interacting, creating and becoming everything they imagine with the help of AI.

The security of AI and its users is guaranteed by the Humans Blockchain, the first blockchain network designed to store, manage and execute AI. Inside this innovative and streamlined AI ecosystem, anyone, regardless of their tech skills, can create a unique digital avatar, a digital extension of themselves that can work, play and socialize in the Metaverse.

AI NFTs, a digital asset tied to artificial intelligence

The AI video generation tool enables users to create professional text-to-voice content with realistic avatars promotes a new approach to NFTs, one that adopts a utility-first mindset in which AI is encapsulated inside an NFT, transforming NFTs from a collectable image into a container that holds a neural network inside of it as well as rules that dictate how that AI can be utilized.

Incorporating AI and governance capabilities into NFTs transforms them into an intelligent asset class that enables richer experiences and a higher utility for researchers, artists, AI & NFT creators, and consumers. By design, AI NFTs address the issue of ownership because blockchain, the infrastructure behind NFTs, guarantees ownership.

The NFT-based system built by also acts as a safety net that guarantees AI isn’t misused. Proof of Human is a cornerstone of the ecosystem, which guarantees that behind every AI, there is also a real human who closely monitors its activity to ensure its ethical use. The traceability provided by the underlying blockchain network further raises accountability concerning how AI is used.

The partnership with Hedera tackles the issue of interoperability in the blockchain space. Utilizing a concept called wrapped AI NFTs, the team plans to bring its technology into the Hedera ecosystem. aims to scale the company’s innovative wrapped AI NFTs on the Hedera blockchain as a growing community of projects, applications, and ecosystem tools provide compelling reasons to choose Hedera to bring AI NFTs to the masses. Moreover, organic growth and adoption of digital collectibles on Hedera have been impressive since they took off in late 2021, and NFT advocates and builders have banded together to scale the NFT ecosystem on Hedera.

The start of a fruitful partnership

An interview with Hedera’s Business Development Director Vignesh Raja

To help shed light on the — Hedera partnership, we reached out to Vignesh Raja, Business Development Director at Hedera Hasgraph, who highlighted key points concerning the business and technological synergies between the two companies, as well as the beneficial impact that the partnership will have on the crypto, and content creator community.

“I’m very excited about the partnership. It’s the start of a long journey and you guys have hosted us well here. Everybody is happy and looking forward to a long partnership.”, shared Vignesh Raja.

Talking about the spark that helped put in motion the chain of events that led to the Humans–Hedera partnership, Vignesh Raja highlighted:

“Everything happened through our partners in Dubai, called Deca 4. I think one of the partners is based here in Romania. We got introduced through them to your team, the founding team. We were very impressed with the way you are looking at the future. I think it’s one of the few companies that understands the combination of AI and blockchain. That is very innovative. So, that’s how the journey started, and we thought we to go ahead with a partnership.”

Hedera, the public ledger for enterprises, builders, and innovators

The partnership between and Hedera will unlock new business momentum in the Web 3 sector

From a tech perspective, Hedera powers native Web 3 ecosystems and institutional applications for the next generation of the web, making it an ideal choice for building interoperability with wrapped AI NFTS developed by

“Hedera is a Distributed Ledger (DLT). It is not a blockchain, and the entire core of Hedera is the Hashgraph algorithm founded by the CTO of the company, doctor Leemon Baird. He is the innovator behind the Hashgraph consensus. The advantage it gives us is low cost and finality. You can achieve transaction finality in seconds. The most important differentiation I will say in Hedera is the governance which I don’t think any other network has. The network itself is governed by global companies, including Google, IBM, and Nomura. They play a key role in governing the network. That is a major differentiation that gives stability to the network”, explains Vignesh Raja.

This is a summary of what Hedera is and its major innovations. If you compare Hedera with other major chains like Ethereum, for example, which is slow and has fluctuating gas fees, you can notice some notable differences. For one, at Hedera, you have fixed costs. You can predict your gas fees which is excellent from a business perspective.

The Hashgraph consensus, the centrepiece of the Hedera ecosystem, enables high levels of security, fast transaction speeds and low bandwidth consumption.

“Our protocol is designed in such a way that the finality of the transactions happens in seconds. Why do you need that? For example, I am doing a payment use case or a use case around betting. These are the use cases that need immediate acknowledgment that the transaction happened. So, this is something that our consensus algorithm brings.
In terms of security, our protocol is highly secure because it leverages ABFT (Asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerant), which is proven to deliver the highest levels of security. On the fee structure, you will see transaction fees are designed to be very low because it’s 0.001 USD. It’s always affixed to the dollar on the backend. This is a plus for businesses because they don’t have to worry about gas fees increasing. These I think are the major differentiators that Hedera is bringing to the blockchain space.” Vignesh Raja

*The future holds unlimited tech synergies between and Hedera

“I see a lot of synergies, to be frank. Firstly, we are very much focused on media, entertainment and sports. We got a lot of projects with creators. That is some synergy you guys are doing, especially around AI and the synthetics you are developing. So, these are really exciting things. We think your tools deployed on Hedera will eventually help creators do a lot of innovations and create a lot of new content. This is the area where I believe there are a lot of synergies between and Hedera”, said Vignesh Raja.

*A partnership that brings AI NFTs into the mainstream

“As I said before, one of the key reasons why Humans is releasing its AI NFTs on Hedera is the lower transaction costs compared to other chains. That’s why is taking Hedera as one of its partners, to make it fast, secure and easy to transfer. That I think is very good. It’s easy for developers to start developing an application on us. Also, I think we are very niche in what we are trying to do — we are creating a global governing body, and we have all the top tech companies lining our network. So, I think there are a lot of synergies for to work with us”, added Hedera’s Business Development Director.

*The first step towards blockchain interoperability

“I think what’s happening, from what I understand from your guys, who are working on interoperability integration using Metamask, basically, you are trying to bring technology that supports Hedera. Most importantly, technology that is open source. I think that’s going to be key because you are creating something interoperable like Polygon to Hedera, and you can switch between the two. And the tools you guys are developing are amazing because they help the entire ecosystem by unlocking a lot of advantages. This is certainly the way to go. Tomorrow is not just about bringing things on the blockchain. We are passed that. We need to focus on how to transfer assets or your NFTs between different chains. That is the way to go.” Vignesh Raja

*Giving the AI tools of the future to the community

“You see, most of the tools that you guys are developing for us are going to be open-sourced. So, you are giving directly to the Hedera community, which is amazing. helps enrich the Hedera community with its technology. The tools you are building, the integrations that you are doing, and the fact that you are open-sourcing your tech empowers the community and helps unlock innovation channels. That’s how a community should be built. As I previously said, we are trying to bring in a lot of content creators in an ecosystem tailored to suit their needs. I believe your technology will make a big difference in this sense.” Vignesh Raja

*The partnership between and Hedera will unlock new business momentum in the Web 3 sector

“I see a lot of business opportunities. We’re still at a very early stage. But I think there are great opportunities, especially in the sector we are focusing on. As I said, content creators, sports people, sports teams, the movie industry, and the gaming industry present a lot of synergy for you guys, either in terms of creating synthetics for sports, the media entertainment industry, or using your synthetic voices and avatars to work with celebrities for example in advertising.”

“I see a lot of synergies between you guys and the foundation, synergies that will generate multiple use cases. I represent the foundation which is the grant-giving entity of the Hedera network. Our focus is to bridge the gap between people with tools and content creators inside our ecosystem. You are already providing tools for us That’s why I believe there are a lot of opportunities between and Hedera.” Vignesh Raja

*Interoperability will soon become an industry standard

“Eventually, I think that will happen, but certain things are going to be exclusive to the Hedera network. Sooner or later, I think this is bound to happen. The more we collaborate with other chains and other companies, the closer we become to achieving broad interoperability at some point. There is no single company that leads this innovation. We collaborate. We work very closely with other chains. We do the bridges and the technical aspects. You create an ecosystem by bringing partners together, not by competing with each other. It’s a give-and-take relationship. One major advantage of Hedera is that the broader crypto ecosystem is ready to work with us.” Vignesh Raja’s CEO presents at the EAPC 2024 Event in Berlin: “AI: Enrichment or Risk?”’s CEO presents at the EAPC 2024 Event in Berlin: “AI: Enrichment or Risk?” On May 16, 2024, in Berlin, people cultivated in politics, elections, and artificial intelligence (AI) will come together for an...
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