Humans, welcome to AIverse!

In the beginning, there was darkness, and the light came up. We saw humans building history to the highest levels of creation, developing language and tools, and inventing technology. All the stories came up in the form of progress, expanding humankind’s imagination over and over.

At the same time, our history tells the story of o journey inside our inner self, creating and scaling the human potential to the infinite. We are not there yet, but we are building the impossible and getting ready to expand the borders of our imagination. For that goal, humans created the ultimate tool: artificial intelligence. Regarding that, remember that there will be two species: humans and is building more than an ecosystem for artificial intelligence. It’s creating a universe, the AIverse, where AI projects, products and technologies are secured. Where they can grow and flourish under the supervision of humans on top of a safe and ethical framework provided by the blockchain.

Our AIverse is a vehicle toward the future that unleashes the potential of the soul, helping us adhere to the status of superhuman. is no longer a deep-tech company. It transmuted into an ideology with a mission: to build the AIverse. AI with AI.

What is the Humans AIverse?

AI is the most powerful tool ever invented has made it its mission to improve the state of artificial intelligence at a global level. Building the AIverse is’s response to some of the most pressing friction points that revolve around artificial intelligence like ownership, ethics, security, and who can access this technology.

The AIverse opens up a whole new world of possibilities by enabling real humans to scale their potential by interacting, creating, and becoming everything they imagine, with the help of AI.

The security of AI and its users is guaranteed by the safest framework — the Blockchain for AIs, an innovative blockchain network tailor-made to store, manage and execute the AI of the future. Join us in our mission of building the AIverse. AI with AI.

Humans is taking artificial intelligence to the next level

Speak in any language, clone yourself, expand your knowledge

AI can scale your potential. Big words, even bigger promises, but what does it mean, and to whom does it refer? The words alone manage to fascinate and resonate, to strike an internal chord of the subconscious, alluding to technological complexities that are difficult to understand yet nonetheless desirable.

Similar to traditional intelligence, AI is intangible and incorporeal, but this does not make it less powerful. On the contrary, it makes it an instrument reserved only for the few who possess the knowledge and means necessary to put it to use. plans to change this one AI at a time.

What is so artificial about intelligence? The framework. More precisely, the Humans’ framework. We are reinventing it while placing your needs at the face front of the AI evolution, scaling humans’ potential like never before. Our vision of artificial intelligence is democratized, where people can access this AI to scale their potential.

The AIverse is populated with AIs that scale your potential in multiple ways:

· Speak any language — our AI technology tears down language barriers as it enables anyone to speak in any language. You can also change your appearance and speak with somebody else’s face in real time.

· Create the Web3 — become involved with artificial intelligence a key component of Web3.

· Create your Metaverse Avatar — a high-fidelity synthetic avatar of yourself that you can use inside the interconnected worlds of the Metaverse to experience the future of work and entertainment. “Diana” is one example of a synthetic character created using’s technology that can speak any language.

· Create the voice of your community — by harnessing the power of the AIverse you can combine the voices of your community to create a new and unique voice. The same technology enabled to create 10 000 unique synthetic voices.

· Bring your NFT to life — Talkens is an artificial intelligence project that resides inside the AIverse, which can give new life to NFTs by animating and giving them the gift of speech.

· Humans Studio — your personal AI assembly line where you can play with the technology and surprise the world with your creations. Humans Studio is a core component of the AIverse that enables anybody, regardless of their technical prowess or the hardware they own, to put together multiple AI components and create pieces of synthetic media purposely tailored to serve their needs and ideas.

Humans Scale — the gateway to the AIverse

Accelerate from Web2 to Web3

The Scale launchpad is the gateway to the AIverse that enables anyone, regardless of their technical skills, to own an AI or to be part of one. Join the first AI Launchpad in the world that unites Venture Capitalists, people, AI companies, and researchers towards a common goal of supporting future AI development.

By helping companies transition their AIs from Web2 to Web3, Scale is democratizing access to this technology, enabling anyone to contribute to its development by building an economy around each AI.

Scale transforms AIs into AI NFTs, non-fungible tokens that encapsulate AIs, and custom rules that designate when the AI can be utilized. Incorporating AI and governance capabilities into NFTs transforms them from basic proofs of ownership to intelligent, self-governing forms of ownership that enable richer experiences and a higher utility for researchers, artists, AI creators, NFT creators, and consumers.

You can scale yourself with AI NFTs or use them to invest in AI projects and become part of the ideas of tomorrow. If you are a researcher, you can access the AIverse and Scale to bring your AI to Web3 and make it blockchain ready.

Humans blockchains your idea

Contained by an ethical framework

In the AIverse, everything starts with an idea. Yours. acknowledges the potential of your ideas, seeing them as an extension of yourself. To safeguard your vision of the future and digital self, we secure your AI idea on the Blockchain. The Humans Blockchain is the first blockchain from the CosmWasm ecosystem capable of storing, executing, and managing artificial intelligence.

The blockchain of AIs and the AIverse is secured by Proof of Human (PoH), a mechanism that facilitates consensus and verification in the era of trust. Be advised: you need to be a human to be able to help secure the AI. So, no robots are allowed.

To ensure the governance of an AI NFT, utilizes Proof-of-Human to confirm that behind every request is a real human decision. Through PoH, humans leverage their biometric data to prove that a specific AI is still under close biological supervision. empowers people to participate in the governance and management of any AI, essentially making sure that the objective of the AI is aligned with the human’s objective.

Humans bridging AI & Blockchain to give the AIverse

The blockchain of AIs: The AIverse has taken it upon itself to build the AIverse, a multifaceted ecosystem that addresses some of the major dysfunctions present in the current AI status quo. The solution proposed by fuses artificial intelligence and blockchain to set the foundation for the AIverse which will unite AI developers, researchers, and consumers.

As AI is slowly consuming the world, enriching industries, and businesses, has made it its mission to assist the transition of artificial intelligence, AI models, and AI-based solutions from the centralized Web2 domain, where development is done behind closed doors where giants of the tech industry hold the reigns, to a decentralized paradigm, where AI becomes a democratized asset that is constantly monitored by real humans to ensure its ethical use.

By fusing AI with blockchain, creates the economy of AIs, which gives people control and ownership over the future. The AIverse gives access to humanity’s greatest tool, supporting people in building more agile companies.

99% of the AIs that define our future are not yet fully developed. In our AIverse, we aim to include projects bold and mature enough to redefine our future reality by using AI. The AIverse is a gateway that allows people to invest in unique AI projects, giving them the chance to own and support part of the future. Together, we’re adding humanity to benefit from the power of AI.

Providing the Humans AIverse Ecosystem continues its mission to expand the world of possibilities beyond imagination, creating real-life solutions for every human and every AI.
Together, in a powerful ecosystem governed by the blockchain’s inherent benefits, the universe of AIs will grow and become a part of our lives, helping people and societies to function in a better world. is building the AI universe on the blockchain, which is fueled by the $Heart token, taking the whole of humanity on a new and extraordinary journey where imagination is our limit.
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