Why does an AI deserve a token?

There are many ways to imagine an AI. Our imagination is the limit. By harnessing the power of learning, we can create intelligent machines. An AI can look in many ways, do almost anything and take whatever form its creator wants. But it is hard to imagine how the AI ​​models of the future will create their own economy without human involvement. Humans AI’s approach is to bring technology to new heights, scaling its infinite potential by creating an economy around the most advanced AIs.

Through Humans Scale, which works as an accelerator for AI/ML researchers or artificial intelligence startups, we can accelerate the impossible and bring humanity’s most advanced technology closer to its beneficiaries and creators: people. To ensure the decentralized governance of the platform as well as financing powered by blockchain technology, will enable AIs, regardless of their form or scope, to be tokenized, helping to bring technical benefits from the research area to the average user, supporting the finance and growth of artificial intelligence projects.

Tokenomics for AIs

It would be a genuine question of why an AI needs a token. A more than self-sufficient answer would refer to the possibility of decentralized financing using the crypto method. This way, large sums of money can be raised at an extremely fast pace, funding that would propel research, development, and so on. However, a deeper look at the benefits brought by the blockchain shows us that an AI becomes controllable when it is placed on a blockchain — which is the very belief of Humans AI: Proof of Human.

The truth is that in an ecosystem governed by blockchain laws, you don’t only have the benefits that a token can bring you as a medium-long-term financing and growth method. The inherent characteristics of this technology bring on the plate many more ingredients related to the creation of an economy.

We are talking about project governance according to the principles of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), a point where tokenization is absolutely necessary. About governance in the context of Web3, where an AI arrives through concrete, real steps, and one of them would be receiving a Token. Therefore, a Token for each AI does not become a fad but a necessity that accelerates the transition from Web2 to Web3. is accelerating the shift towards Web3 with Scale, its AI Launchpad driven by the mission to grant every human access to breakthrough Web3 AI Technologies developed by incredible individuals, startups and research centres. Set up as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), Scale helps companies and businesses transition from Web2 to Web3. The AI-driven world owned by the DAO is characterized by automation and decentralization. It closely resembles a form of venture capital fund based on open-source code without having a typical management structure or board of directors.

Scale for AIs

The actors that start things off are the AI companies/researchers/developers who bring their AI into the Humans Scale Launchpad, turning it into an AI NFT. Companies who want to be listed on Humans Scale will be able to do so by accessing the website and completing a form in which they describe their AI, its utility, and what industry it serves.

Every AI listed on Humans Scale will have its own token, which will be a building block for the economy that will take shape around it.

Of course, not every AI is the same, so each token will be different from a utility standpoint, depending on the use case the AI serves. Projects can also list their token on other exchanges. Gas fees and other functions related to the Humans Blockchain will be paid in their own tokens, without the need for other unpleasant transactions.

Humans AI offers a user-friendly and technically intelligent platform aligned with a scaling program that services the creation of tokenomics, legal support, ecosystem development, and various other tools in order to sustain the transition from Web2 to Web3. Launch your own token or sell your AI as NFT.

How do you finance your AI Project?

We have previously seen how and why you should tokenize your AI project. The easiest way is to mint a token for your AI on the Humans Scale platform, transforming your AI into an AI NFT which has its own economy and community. To finance your AI means to be part of the Blockchains of AIs. In other words, creating a token for an artificial intelligence project comes with an inclusion program in an ecosystem developed by The contribution of the community brought together by the Humans brand around this ecosystem gives the listed projects access to a global stage for your technology to start to scale its potential.

Building a transparent, borderless, and equitable ecosystem around your AI product means your company can get funded more easily through its own economy. This entire ecosystem is backed by a blockchain framework that addresses the AI ​​ethical dilemma. In addition, the transition to Web3 allows AI startups to focus on the product or technology without being concerned about the acceleration process, which is ensured by the support of the Humans platform.

The vision employed by Scale is to transform AIs into AI NFTs, non-fungible tokens that encapsulate AIs, and custom rules that designate when the AI can be utilized and how it can be used. Incorporating AI and governance capabilities into NFTs transforms them from basic proofs of ownership into intelligent, self-governing digital assets that enable richer experiences and a higher utility for researchers, artists, AI creators, NFT creators, and consumers.

Accelerate the AImpossible

Moving AI to the Blockchain unlocks higher security and lower costs. More importantly, it raises the visibility of the project, enabling a greater degree of participation from the community, developers, and VCs, realized by creating a DAO around the AI.

If the AI has its own token, then it’s time to close the circle. Through our unique program, we accelerate your AI by offering various essential services, depending on your needs and situation, in 4 important categories:


Private Sale
Public Sale
AI Staking / DeFi Token
Market Making


Blockchain Wallet
AI NFT Infrastructure




Community Listing
Retail Awareness
User Acquisition

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