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We are happy to announce that we are closing in on our biggest milestone. Cue drum roll, on 29 May, we are launching the Humans Blockchain Mainnet. After multiple Testnet versions, constant testing and technical wizardry, we are nearing our goal of creating the Blockchain for AIs. With less than two months until the big release, our team is shifting into high gear to put the finishing touches on this one-of-a-kind ecosystem designed to serve artificial intelligence across its lifecycle.

The Mainnet going live marks a pivotal step in our mission to bring artificial intelligence into the Web3 era. We believe that blockchain holds the answer for some friction points that revolve around ownership, governance, and monetization of AI.

Based on Cosmos SDK, the Humans Mainnet is the foundation of an ecosystem tailored to fit the need for AI development and management in a decentralized environment. By leveraging Cosmos SDK, CosmWasm, and the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC), the Humans Mainnet is gearing up to take the worlds of AI and blockchain by storm, becoming the first blockchain infrastructure from the Cosmos ecosystem able to store, execute and manage artificial intelligence, while also ensuring interoperability for artificial intelligence.

Why a blockchain for AIs is right for the artificial intelligence industry?

Blockchain ranks as one of the most valuable technologies that have hit the market in the past decades. Its value is generated by its ability to ensure complete trust and ownership in the information it stores. This is why its most potent use case remains cryptocurrency. With its capacity to ensure trust between untrusted participants, blockchain effectively removes the need to rely on central authorities and middlemen to perform audits and verifications like in traditional systems. Through this unique approach to trust and the granular ownership it enables for digital assets, blockchain has cemented its legacy as an enabler for decentralized finance.

AI, on the other hand, is the most potent instrument humans have at their disposal, as it can answer the needs of a myriad of industries like healthcare, retail, or finance. The list of possible applications for AI is inexhaustible. But innovation comes at a high cost, and each AI project has unique requirements and prerequisites. This is where crypto VCs take a stance and act as agents that support and mentor the development of the AI of the future. To be more specific, blockchain, or the Humans Blockchain of AIs is where all the pieces and actors fall in place, where humans get together to build the AI of tomorrow. Positioning itself at the confluence of AI and Blockchain, the Humans Mainnet is a secure and transparent environment that democratizes artificial intelligence, enabling anyone to access, own and contribute to its development.

The Humans Blockchain of AIs is an ecosystem built to empower AI projects and maintain them ethically. For AI researchers and developers, the Blockchain for AIs acts as a launch pad that brings their AI projects into the real world to empower real people. In addition to traceability and transparency, blockchain brings unprecedented data security and the possibility of creating a functional market that will bring revenues considerably easier. Furthermore, the ethical problem of artificial intelligence is solved automatically through the governance rules implemented in the blockchain, and the outcomes will rise significantly.

On the other hand, the ecosystem created by connects AI projects and companies with VC and investment funds.’s goal is to create a network of tech builders, investors, partners, and mentors to help accelerate the development of successful Web3 businesses. The Blockchain of AIs has already onboarded over 20 VCs and marketing partners under its umbrella, like Morningstar, Next Chymia Consulting, BlockChange Ventures, Finch Capital, MACH4 Studios, and Skynet Trading.

The Humans Blockchain Mainnet paves the way for AI into Web3, which will have a deep-seated transformational impact on the current economic, business, and technological status quo:

A subjective approach to technology: so far, AI has been used to gain insight and extract value from users. Under the Web3 paradigm, AI is democratized and trained according to each user’s preferences and experiences.

Users become owners: blockchain as a foundation for Web3 guarantees that AI is executed, deployed, and governed ethically. Furthermore, Web3 will pave the way for the creator economy, in which creators own and monetize their digital assets, not the platform that hosts them.

Art fused with utility: cryptocurrencies and NFTs will play an essential role in the Web3 economy. Artificial intelligence will add a layer of utility to NFTs, elevating them to a higher art form that generates tangible value.

Interoperability: Web3 will be composed of multiple interconnected blockchains that will allow the circulation of assets and AI services between them. AI products will be able to interact with other similar products from other blockchains.

Subscription and investments: AI and Web3 will build a creator economy where people can invest directly in their favourite creators without needing the services of middlemen.

Decentralization: blockchain decentralizes the assets it stores, meaning that no central entity has control over the flow of information and that the network as a whole doesn’t have a single point of failure, making it more resilient to cybersecurity attacks.

The take on artificial intelligence

The first concept proposed by is to transform AIs into AI NFTs, non-fungible tokens that encapsulate AIs, and custom rules that designate when the AI can be utilized, how it can be used, and by whom. Incorporating AI and governance capabilities into NFTs transforms them from basic proofs of ownership into intelligent, self-governing digital assets that enable richer experiences and a higher utility for researchers, artists, AI creators, NFT creators, and consumers.

The second concept powered by proposed that AI companies/researchers/developers can bring their AI into a blockchain infrastructure. Companies who want to be listed on the Humans ecosystem will be able to do so by accessing the website and completing a form in which they describe their AI, its utility, and what industry it serves.

Putting your AI on a blockchain enables it to have its own economy and community. To finance your AI means to be part of the Blockchains of AIs. In other words, creating a token for an artificial intelligence project comes with an inclusion program in an ecosystem developed by The contribution of the community brought together by the Humans brand around this ecosystem gives the listed projects access to a global stage for your technology to scale its potential.

Tokenization, a new way to support AI development

Humans AI’s vision is to bring technology to new heights, scaling its infinite potential by creating an economy around the most advanced AIs. To ensure the decentralized governance and financing of AI, tokenize AIs, regardless of their form or scope, which will help bring technical benefits from the research area to the average user, supporting the finance and growth of artificial intelligence projects.

However, a deeper look at the benefits inherent to blockchain shows us that an AI becomes controllable when placed on a blockchain - which is the very belief of’s Proof of Human technology, the Blockchain of AIs governance, consensus, and validation mechanism which relies on real people to leverage their biometric data to prove that a specific AI is still under close biological supervision.

The truth is that in an ecosystem governed by blockchain laws, you don’t only have the benefits that a token can bring you as a medium-long-term financing and growth method. The inherent characteristics of this technology bring more ingredients related to creating an AI economy. For example, a token dedicated to AI can accelerate the transition from Web2 to Web3.

Building a transparent, borderless, and equitable ecosystem around your AI product means your company can get funded more easily through its own economy. This entire ecosystem is backed by a blockchain framework that addresses the AI ​​ethical dilemma. In addition, the transition to Web3 allows AI startups to focus on the product or technology without being concerned about the acceleration process, which is ensured by the support of the Humans platform.

Technological components of the Blockchain of AIs

The Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC)

IBC is an open-source protocol that enables different blockchain networks to talk with each other inside the Cosmos ecosystem and to transfer data and digital assets like tokens and NFTs. This way, Cosmos becomes a hub that links independent blockchains, enabling trustless communication and facilitating the exchange of value through dedicated channels using smart contracts to connect to the chains. IBC solves one of the main barriers to interoperability, the lack of cross-chain communication.

Integrating the Humans Blockchain with the IBC protocol boosts the utility and scope of the Humans Blockchain by unlocking liquidity that will flow into the ecosystem, and help grow the AI sector. Through IBC, enables inter-blockchain collaboration, lower transaction costs and a simpler way of managing cross-chain assets.

Interchain security update

One of the features that make blockchain technology highly sought after is its high levels of security and resistance to attack. But, the act of securing an ecosystem of sovereign blockchains becomes increasingly difficult as the number of blockchains grows. To sustainably grow a modular, multichain ecosystem, such as Cosmos, the ability to secure multiple execution environments with a single validator set is important. This concept is known as shared security.

Humans Blockchain is implementing Interchain Security, Cosmos' answer to shared security. From a high-level overview, Interchain Security allows validators on a provider chain to use a stake on that chain to participate in the consensus of a consumer chain in parallel. A provider chain is a blockchain that allows its validators to secure another blockchain with its stake. Simply put, the goal of Interchain Security is to help emerging blockchains in Cosmos keep up with the rigorous security standards of the ecosystem.

First applications of the Blockchain of AIs

Voice of the Community

The Voice of the Community is an AI product that resides on top of the Humans Blockchain. Developed with a hands-on approach to artificial intelligence, the Voice of the Community embraces a gamified approach to show people the power of voice cloning inside a Web 3 context.
In short, the Voice of Community is an AI that empowers people to create a unique synthetic voice, created by combining multiple voices donated by community members using state-of-the-art AI technology like Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. wants its community to feel inspired by the stories that can be created with AI voices, the potential use cases this technology can serve, and how it can contribute to the overall betterment of society on a macro level. By bringing AI voice assets on a blockchain, Humans raise awareness about Web3 and how this new Internet paradigm will play an instrumental role in the new decentralized future.

A conversational GPT

Is an AI neural network that makes machines able to understand, process, and respond to human speech in every language of the world. It leverages the technology used in conversational AI that powers chatbots and virtual assistants. Also, the conversational GPT is intensively trained in Web3 data to provide the best possible user experience.

AI Avatars

A synthetic avatar, or AI avatar/AI clone is a digital photo realistic representation of a human created using state-of-the-art AI neural networks, machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision techniques. Resting at the intersection of these cutting-edge subfields of artificial intelligence, synthetic avatars are one to one high fidelity copies of real human beings, our digital twins, so to speak, that challenge our perception of how video content can be generated.

The AI avatar solution developed by helps anyone scale their potential by creating a digital version of themselves that transcends the physical limits of people.’s CEO presents at the EAPC 2024 Event in Berlin: “AI: Enrichment or Risk?”’s CEO presents at the EAPC 2024 Event in Berlin: “AI: Enrichment or Risk?” On May 16, 2024, in Berlin, people cultivated in politics, elections, and artificial intelligence (AI) will come together for an...
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