The biggest tech investments will go to AI in 2024

Major players such as Google, Microsoft, and Nvidia have already plunged significant funds into AI technologies, a trend projected to grow in the foreseeable future. It’s obvious, without complex analysis, that Artificial Intelligence stands as the biggest tech investing theme for 2024, carrying over its prominence from the previous year. It started just a year ago, on November 30, 2022, when ChatGPT was launched and reached 100 million users globally in months.

While 2023 marked a breakthrough for generative AI, 2024 forecasts an unprecedented surge for AI, to affect nearly all areas of the investing world, according to technology experts.

AI exploded in the public sphere in 2023, yet corporate leaders anticipate an expansion throughout 2024. According to iShares, 70% of executives anticipate increasing AI resourcing in 2024, primarily motivated by efforts to cut costs.

Some experts believe this is only the beginning of AI adoption in the business world, as many tech giants have already integrated AI into existing offerings. Nonetheless, industry experts argue that this merely scratches the surface of AI’s integration in the corporate world.

Roles Centered on AI in Enterprises

The AI landscape in 2024 holds the potential to influence organizations and companies, from Fortune 500 entities down to local businesses. New roles dedicated to AI may encompass in-house AI ethicists, curators, policymakers, legal advisors, trainers, auditors, and even interpreters. Establishing an entirely new team devoted to these and other AI-related considerations will likely lead to substantial transformations in a company’s financials and internal structure.

Regulatory Frameworks

Enterprises need to establish these roles to avoid facing legal battles and regulatory problems. UE regulatory plans for the AI field represent the latest examples of moves to set up new AI regulations.

Although government regulation for AI is just beginning to emerge, the rapid advancement of the technology suggests it may surpass legislative efforts. As a result, companies will have to assure customers and investors of their ability to independently handle AI responsibly.

Personal AI Assistants

2024 could mark the coming of AI-driven personal assistants on a large scale. These AI entities may soon replace automated assistants such as Siri and Alexa.

As the battle for dominance in this domain intensifies, new enterprises might emerge, while personal assistant AIs will emerge as the leading force to revolutionize HR departments.

Revolutionizing Real-Time Language Translation

AI tech holds the potential to make real-time language translation immensely valuable in the corporate world. Experts concede that even the most prevalent language translation software available today stands at a mere 60% accuracy.

However, armed with natural language processing and machine learning tools, automated language translation capabilities are anticipated to rapidly gain traction in real-world use cases.

AI-Empowered Investing

AI has the potential to completely transform how investors make and carry out their investment choices.

Rather than completely surrendering investment decisions to AI, short-term success is more likely for those who adeptly leverage AI’s immense power to analyze and sift through data while retaining a human touch.

The integration between AI and Blockchain works both ways

In 2024, the synergy between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology will reach new heights, creating a transformative landscape across various industries. This integration has paved the way for enhanced security, transparency, and efficiency in data management and decision-making processes, making the whole picture extremely juice for investment funds.

One of the key areas where AI and blockchain collaborate is in data privacy and security. Blockchain’s decentralized and immutable nature ensures that sensitive information is securely stored, reducing the risk of unauthorized access. AI algorithms, in turn, can analyze vast datasets on the blockchain, extracting valuable insights while maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of the information.

Smart contracts, self-executing agreements powered by blockchain, have become more intelligent with the integration of AI. These contracts can now adapt and respond dynamically to changing conditions, thanks to AI’s ability to learn and make predictions. This dynamic adaptability streamlines processes, reduces errors, and enhances the overall efficiency of transactions.

Moreover, AI-driven consensus mechanisms have improved the scalability and performance of blockchain networks. By optimizing resource allocation and transaction validation processes, AI helps overcome some of the scalability challenges traditionally associated with blockchain technology.

The integration of AI and blockchain in 2024 represents a harmonious partnership that maximizes the strengths of both technologies. Together, they are reshaping industries, fostering innovation, and establishing new standards for security and efficiency in the digital era.


2024 will undeniably be the year of Artificial Intelligence, with major tech players driving substantial investments in its development. This trend follows the trajectory set in 2022 with the launch of ChatGPT, a phenomenon that has paved the way for AI to dominate the tech investment landscape. Furthermore, the ongoing surge in generative AI, coupled with an increasing integration into corporate structures, signifies a shift in the business world.

As enterprises grapple with these changes, the need for responsible AI practices takes centre stage. Those who adeptly leverage AI’s analytical prowess while retaining a human touch are positioned for success in this evolving landscape.

In essence, 2024 marks a pivotal juncture where AI not only shapes industries and regulatory landscapes but also redefines personal assistance, language translation, and investment strategies, setting the stage for a future where AI doesn’t replace the human agent but exists in a state of collaboration which will propel us into new frontiers of innovation.

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