Synapse Guide, the blockchain bridge for cryptocurrency conversion, a prominent player in the artificial intelligence space, has recently unveiled Synapse, its highly anticipated Blockchain Bridge.

This new addition to the ecosystem enables interoperability with Ethereum by serving as a bridge that seamlessly connects these two distinct blockchains, allowing assets to flow freely between them. With a user-friendly interface and step-by-step instructions, Synapse offers a seamless experience for crypto and AI enthusiasts seeking efficient and hassle-free conversions and access to humanity’s most impressive instrument β€” artificial intelligence.

Synapse revolutionizes how users interact with cryptocurrency conversions by providing a clear and intuitive user flow on how to convert ERC20 $HEART tokens from the Ethereum blockchain to native $HEART tokens on the Humans Blockchain and vice versa. Let’s delve into the step-by-step process that ensures a streamlined token exchange.

Synapse user flow πŸ’»


Upon accessing the Synapse Bridge homepage, users will find the default selection set to ETH to $HEART. To initiate the conversion, you simply need to click the β€œStart” button.

βœ…Connect Destination Wallet

Users are prompted to connect their destination wallet, where they wish to receive the converted funds. By clicking the β€œConnect Metamask” button, users can log into their Metamask wallet, select the desired destination wallet, and establish the connection. The process is outlined through a set of active GIFs that offer step-by-step instructions.

βœ…Connect Source Wallet

Following a similar process as the previous step, users must connect their source wallet, from which they want to send the funds. This ensures a secure and authenticated transaction. For additional information, consult the GIFs provided on the page.

βœ…Amount Confirmation:

If you are not on the correct network for both wallets, you will be prompted to switch the network. During this stage, you can review and confirm the amount you wish to convert. You have two options to confirm the amount. You can either manually enter the desired amount or utilize the β€œMax” button to pre-fill the available funds. In Metamask, click the β€œUse Default” button and confirm the transaction. Once confirmed, you can proceed to the next step.

βœ…Transaction Approval

In this step, users are required to approve the transaction. Metamask opens with instructive GIFs guiding users through the signing process. After signing the transaction and receiving a confirmation email, users can proceed to the next step.

βœ…Deposit Step

Metamask provides users with step-by-step instructions through an informative GIF, similar to the previous step. Once the deposit is completed, users are prompted to switch networks to the required one for claiming.


Users can claim the converted tokens. With the destination account connected to the correct network, users simply need to click the claim button. Additional guidance is provided through GIFs. After confirming the receipt in Metamask, you will receive a confirmation email and will be automatically directed to the next step.

βœ…Transaction Review

In the final stage, users can review the transaction details, including the amount, source, and destination. Additionally, you have the option to restart the conversion flow from the beginning if needed.

Streamlined Navigation and Comprehensive Functionality

The new addition to the Humans Blockchain offers a holistic user experience, ensuring easy navigation and access to vital information. Synapse offers enhanced features and a user-friendly interface. With a convenient navigation bar and intuitive sections, users can effortlessly explore different aspects of the platform and access vital information.

Users have access to a straightforward navigation bar (navbar), which remains visible on all pages. This navbar serves as a gateway to various sections within the Bridge App, enabling users to navigate effortlessly and discover the functionality the platform has to offer.

The navigation bar serves as a reliable and intuitive tool for users, granting them easy access to essential sections of the app. Whether seeking information, support, or reviewing transaction history, users can navigate seamlessly within the Bridge App.

FAQ πŸ’»

Clicking on the β€œFAQ” section opens a modal that presents users with a collection of frequently asked questions along with their corresponding answers. This comprehensive resource addresses common queries related to app functionality, security, and other relevant topics. Users can find valuable information and solutions that cater to their specific concerns, ensuring a smooth and informed user experience.

Get Support 🌐

The β€œGet Support” section opens a modal where users can seek assistance or support whenever needed. By submitting their inquiries or issues through the support form within the modal, users can receive personalized guidance from the app’s dedicated support team. This feature ensures that users can quickly and effectively resolve any concerns that may arise during their interaction with the platform.

Getting Started πŸ‘‰

Clicking on the β€œGetting Started” section opens a modal that provides users with comprehensive instructions on how to initiate their journey with the Synapse App. This step-by-step guide covers essential aspects such as account creation, wallet setup, and initiating the first transaction. By following these instructions, users can quickly familiarize themselves with the app’s operations, ensuring a smooth and seamless start to their experience.

Terms and Conditions 🧠

The β€œTerms and Conditions” section, easily accessible through the navigation bar, allows users to review the legal agreement governing their usage of the Synapse app. This modal presents users with a comprehensive overview of the terms they agree to when utilizing the application. By highlighting disclaimers, limitations, and obligations, this section ensures transparency and empowers users to make informed decisions regarding their interaction with the platform.

History πŸ€–

The β€œHistory” section is just a click away on the navigation bar, granting users access to their transaction history when their wallet is connected. For users who are not connected, a simple click on the β€œConnect Your Wallet” button in the top-right corner of the homepage establishes the connection instantly.

In this section, users can explore their past transactions, including completed transactions, claim errors, and deposit errors. Should users encounter any claim or deposit errors, they have the convenience of restarting the transaction flow from the precise step where the issue occurred. This flexible feature streamlines the resolution process, allowing users to address any transaction-related issues efficiently, minimizing disruptions, and simplifying the conversion process.


Synapse sets a new standard for simplicity and user-friendliness in the realm of cryptocurrency conversion. With its intuitive interface, step-by-step instructions, and streamlined navigation, users can effortlessly perform $HEART token conversions while enjoying a comprehensive and transparent user experience.’s commitment to accessibility and functionality shines through the design of Synapse, catering to both seasoned cryptocurrency enthusiasts and newcomers who wish to access artificial intelligence, making this technology available to a broader audience.

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