Revolutionizing Public Administration: Creating an AI-powered Virtual Public Servant is gearing up to provide technical training during the much-anticipated Romania Without a File hackathon. This competition, ignited by the University of Bucharest in partnership with the Chamber of Deputies and the Ministry of Research, Innovation, and Digitization, is set to revolutionize bureaucratic processes through AI-driven solutions.

✅Scheduled for November 24 in Cluj-Napoca, this event promises a showcase of ingenious solutions developed by students, aiming to streamline public administration and eradicate bureaucracy across the nation.

✅Mihaela Becheru, Head of Public Affairs at, will participate in the event as a jury member, evaluating the innovative outcomes of the hackathon. “Romania Without a File” marks a pivotal moment that brings together tech prowess and inventive minds to shape a more efficient and digitally empowered Romania. Also, Dragos Costea, Head of Computer Vision at, is providing mentoring on AI and guiding teams on-site at the Romania Without a File hackathon.

✅The fourth edition of the competition will see students take on the challenge of transforming, or rather, evolving ION, the first AI Governmental Counselor, into the first intelligent virtual public servant by integrating chatbot response functionalities from official sources for state-offered public services.

✅The teams will be working under the mentorship offered by to develop a technical solution designed to drastically reduce friction points and bottlenecks in the relationship between Romanians and state institutions. After Friday’s final, the solution proposed by students will be implemented by the Ministry of Research, Innovation, and Digitization — Romania, with the support of partners and the students from the winning teams.

🌐Romania Without a File Hackathon

Get ready to hack your way into the future with the Ministry of Research, Innovation, and Digitization! We’re diving into the fourth edition of ‘Romania Without a File’, the ultimate student hackathon brought to life by the University of Bucharest and the Chamber of Deputies.

What’s the challenge? Nothing too complicated, just paving the way to the future by crafting cutting-edge digitization solutions powered by artificial intelligence and developing mind-blowing communication campaigns to flaunt your innovations. And guess what? The Ministry is unveiling the project of the first-ever digital public servant! That’s the target hackathon participants will aim for in their mission to revolutionize Romania’s state services.

Picture this: mixed teams of IT prodigies and communication wizards hustling together to bring the Ministry’s digital dream to life.

Who can join? Any ambitious student from any university across the country! Whether you’re in your first year or chasing a master’s degree in IT/technology or communication/administration/political science, this is your shot!

But wait, there’s more! Ten deputies are gearing up to mentor these exceptional teams, while tech-savvy squads from the trailblazing Romanian startup, the brains behind the digital government advisor ION, will provide the technical support these dream teams need to soar.

Through this event, participants will contribute directly to creating a solution that will simplify citizens’ lives and enhance the efficiency of public services.

🌐AI-powered Virtual Public Servant

This year’s hackathon theme is “AI-powered Virtual Public Servant”. It’s a vast and intricate subject that opens doors to numerous perspectives, leading to innovative solutions for enhancing public services in Romania. The goal? To fuel the development of solutions that usher in tangible benefits to citizens and streamline administrative processes.

We’re itching to see the groundbreaking ideas you’ll bring to the table and how you will collaborate on making substantial improvements to Romania’s public services. Plus, we’re eager to acknowledge participants’ efforts and creativity by offering prizes and public recognition of the most outstanding solutions. Get ready to innovate and shine!

🌐More information about virtual civil servants

An intelligent virtual civil servant is an innovative solution designed to enhance public services by making them more accessible and efficient for citizens. Here are some key features that this virtual public servant should have and why it is needed:

1. 24/7 support: The virtual civil servant should be available 24/7, which means that citizens can get information and assistance whenever they need it, including outside the normal working hours of public institutions. This feature ensures a high level of accessibility.

2. User-friendly interface: The interface of the virtual public servant must be easy to use and adapted to provide clear and concise answers to citizens’ questions. An intuitive design helps users quickly get the information they need.

3. Up-to-date legislative knowledge: The virtual civil servant must have access to an up-to-date database of current legislation and regulations to guarantee its ability to provide accurate and reliable information about citizens’ rights and responsibilities.

4. Assistance in completing documents: An important aspect is the ability of the virtual public servant to guide citizens in completing the various forms and documents required for public services. It should have features like providing step-by-step instructions on completing forms and other documents and even verification mechanisms that check the correctness of the information entered.

5. Customization: The virtual civil servant should be able to tailor responses and advice to the individual needs of users. This implies the ability to understand and respond to the specific questions of each citizen.

6. Security and Privacy: In order to ensure citizens’ trust, the virtual public servant must provide a high level of security and privacy regarding personal data and information provided by users.

Overall, an intelligent virtual civil servant can revolutionize the way we interact with the state and help modernize public services for a more connected and efficient world.

🌐About Romania Without a File

The “Romania Without a File” competition was initiated by the University of Bucharest and the Chamber of Deputies in 2022 and is now in its fourth edition, involving practical activities for student teams who receive a brief and work under the guidance of mentor deputies to create products aimed at reducing bureaucracy.

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