Proof of Human technology — a weapon to fight against disinformation

Can technology really solve fake news? This is the question

In the light of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, but also as a widespread phenomenon in the past decade, the issue of fake news, disinformation and misinformation have come into the iron sights of innovative technology tools like AI algorithms or blockchain-based mechanisms that try to address these issues through various PoCs. The outcome so far? Fake news, disinformation and misinformation are at the highest level in history.

Without making bold claims like we have discovered the holy grail of technology and so on, we at want to propose a different approach, one focused on real people who will be in control of high-end tech, acting as the first line of defence against the fake news phenomenon. Our AI researchers are bridging the gap between the academic environment and the reality present in the market, working constantly to improve existing technology to create a better one. believes that AI can be maintained honest using another technology. We called this new tech Proof of Human.

Using AI-generated personas for disinformation

In this day and age, it is impossible to deny the fact that the digital environment has also become a battleground where disinformation is a powerful weapon. We cannot pretend that we do not see how Russia has perfected its weapons of disinformation in the last two decades using more and more advanced technologies. A recent discovery revealed how Russia uses AI to generate fake people with full profiles and human faces.

NBC News journalist Ben Collins outlined in a recent news thread that two people are at the heart of a disinformation campaign in the city of Kyiv. After digging deeper into the matter, Collins uncovered that smoke and mirrors are at play as the profiles of the two are not recognized by any system as real people. It turns out that the two profiles are in fact puppets created by a Russian troll farm with the sole purpose of spreading fake news about Kyiv.’s mechanism of approval and control of AI — Proof of Human — can serve as a technology to fight against disinformation, an increasingly dangerous social media phenomenon. Proof of Human is a patented mechanism that can be installed via a mobile app to check and identify fake profiles created by Artificial Intelligence technology. designed Proof of Human with the deepfake problem in mind, but the technology itself can act as a foundation for future products designed to address the unethical use of AI-generated personas. In times of war, fighting for the good of humanity, for a free press and freedom of speech is essential for humans. As an AI company created to benefit people by allowing them to scale their individual potential to infinite and a gatekeeper of trust for society when it comes to new technologies, is standing against disinformation and fake news practices, leveraging its technology to maintain AI honest.

If we come back to the initial question, can technology really solve fake news, the answer is still a sceptical one. The bottom line is that technology is a tool that can either be used to help or do harm. Proof of Human gives journalists, civil society, peace organizations, NGOs the ability to play a crucial role as validators in a framework created to fight AI-generated personas created to spread fake news.

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