Promoting around the world — A recap of the first AMAs of 2022

We are a community first company and we have great appreciation for all our supporters and community members who have stood by our side since the beginning and have helped spread the word about and our mission.

As we build around every milestone set in the roadmap, we try our best to share our mission with different groups and communities around the world, by presenting the project and the values we stand by — providing an ecosystem that empowers people to raise, control, and own AI.

From the very beginning of 2022, we started holding AMAs in various communities in the crypto space, and it has been our pleasure to share more detailed, up-to-date information about the project, the team, and and all our great achievements to date. We’ve shared our achievements with an audience of more than 440 K international community members.

It has been very exciting to see so many of you eager to find more about, and to have the opportunity to answer all the interesting questions, coming from crypto savvys, techies, as well as crypto beginners.

We started this first round of AMAs on January the 7th, with One Shot Ventures, a 47K member Vietnamese investment institution’s community focusing on blockchain technology and GameFi, for which we also share the AMA Recap here → AMA RECAP

Here’s the list of all the January AMAs sessions:

✅ Jan 7th — One Shot Ventures — 47K Members

✅ Jan 7th — Decentralized Club — 73.7K Members

✅ Jan 8th — GemMouse Capital — 47.9K Members

✅ Jan 8th — Crypto City — 37.7K Members

✅ Jan 8th — Crypto Crab — 28.5K Members

✅ Jan 10th — Crypto Players India — 26.7K Members

✅ Jan 11th — Investeste memorabil — 3.1K Members — Amazing 2.5 Hours voice AMA held by Bogdan Filip, our Head of Global Community. Check out the recap here → Voice AMA (Romanian Language)

✅ Jan 17th — Crypto Contender Club — 25K Members

✅ Jan 19th — YOYOW — 134.3K Members — Another memorable voice AMA, held yesterday by the power team comprised by Bogdan Filip and Sabin Dima, our CEO

🔜 The next AMA will be held today, at 6 pm UTC, on Romanian Telegram Channel → Mr.Crypto Community!

We believe in the power of community, as we create this expanding network of supporters, token holders and the ecosystem of stakeholders for We aim to take your fascination with AI and turn it into reality, into something that everyone can interact with, and more importantly, trust.

As part of our mission to build trust, we will be sharing with our community constant updates on our company’s journey to GO GLOBAL. 🚀

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