NFTs are dying. We bring them to life!

We saw NFTs rise, we saw NFTs grow, but days are passing in a row…

The days when NFTs were just a standard jpeg picture highly tradable are coming to an end. We are witnessing right now an epochal momentum in the blockchain universe. It’s time to save the moment. It’s time to reveal the Antidote.

And the question isn’t any more in which direction NFTs can and will develop. The question is what we are doing to bring them to life?

Humans have developed the ultimate tool to scale the creation process to new heights. Artificial intelligence can and is certain to bring LIFE transformation into the NFTs’ apocalypse.

NFTs are fading away in the sands of purposelessness. We SAVE NFTs by giving them a new meaning. Healing them by giving them the purpose of life.

And You can be a superhuman and bring your NFT to life by owning an AI voice.

Evolution has stagnated and with it comes the death of our beloved collectables. That’s why it is time for the revolution to save us all. If NFTs are dead, long live AI NFTs we say!

AI-generated content allows people to shake off some of that digital dust that has been gathering on top of their NFT collection, giving them a heartbeat, maybe a new life as a smart asset class that can talk with natural lip movements.

Talkenize and become the voice of the Revolution, the voice of NFTs brought to life.

Giving life to NFTs

Technology, in general, can be improved and upgraded to become better versions of itself, with new features and upgrades. This is exactly what is going to do — give NFT owners the ability to bring their collection to life by giving VOICE to their NFTs. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Besides encapsulating a unique voice, facial animation and so on, inside every NFT, the technology scales the creation process as a whole.

Embrace the future. Own an AI voice.

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