LIVE Text: Humans’ 1 Year Anniversary

Humans AI started “The AI Impossible Merge 21”

Stay with us for the biggest event where AI meets Blockchain, dedicated to over 100 000 stakeholders that populate our ecosystem. Expect big news regarding Blockchain, AI and the Humans Launchpad. Stay tuned! The impossible Merge is happening!

Live blog ahead…

8:35 PM Oveit just announced that it’s the first project on Humans Scale. Oveit is partnered with big-name companies like Pioneers, Visa, Microsoft, Oracle, LVMH, and IAA.

8:30 PM Cristian Chifoi, Andrei Pitis, Alin Serban from emag by Tazz are enjoying the party along all #humans. Also, Elon Munskey is in the house

8:28 PM is here to see the Merge take place. The famous journalist Mike Butcher witnessed the moment

8:25 PM First project on Humans Scale, Oveit: leading NFT ticketing platform, backed by Polygon and, servicing more than 17.000 experienced, 3M event visitors, 15M transactions in 30 countries. We are enriching Oveit NFT tickets with generative artwork to create real unique AI NFT tickets

8:23 PM Mission to onboard 1 million AIs on web3 — because every AI deserves its own economy. This is backed by a growing ecosystem of partners. Now up to 30 (investment partners) and growing daily — both web3 funds as conventional VCs

8:22 PM Launching Humans Scale — a web2 to web3 switching program that accelerates AI — to make sure AI startups don’t defocus — we offer services on Structure, Technology, Economy and Community

8:21 PM Bart Veenman begins his presentation about Humans Scale

8:20 PM In the next couple of months, we will bring this innovation to the world

8:19 PM There will be Metaverse implementation, which will allow you to use your favourite NFTs in the new digital world

8:18 PM With our technology, your own NFT could star in a commercial, TV series or even a movie, which will, in turn, grant you royalties & other appearance fees, as would be the case for a real actor

8:17 PM Every AI Serum is single-use, so once you bring one of your NFTs to life, that serum will be burned

8:17 PM We’ve used an AI Serum to bring our Bored Ape to life, giving it an entirely new identity, transforming it from BAYC #223 into the lively Elon Munskey

8:17 PM With each AI Serum, you can give a voice to your favourite NFTs and help them escape from the static prison that their current jpeg format entraps them in

8:16 PM Each Talken NFT holds a powerful AI within it; the AI Serum, which stores its voice DNA. It is far more than your typical NFT collection, it is rather a collection of 10 thousand synthetic voices

8:16 PM The Talkens collection is comprised of up to 10 thousand NFTs

8:15 PM We are creating an entirely new asset class, the dynamic NFT, which not only moves but also has a voice. With our innovation, the market will change forever

8:15 PM Talkens helps the NFT industry leapfrog into the modern age of cinema

8:14 PM Alex Iancu, Ecosystem Manager, begins his presentation about Talkens

8:12 PM The AI DAO is a new frontier in managing AI and governance in a decentralized organization

8:09 PM Proof-of-Human is a complex blockchain-based governance, consensus and verification mechanism which ensures that every decision made by AI is monitored by a real human

8:08 PM Workload nodes are next-gen compute nodes in the Humans blockchain ecosystem that facilitate the execution of AI on the blockchain

8:08 PM The Humans Blockchain facilitates cross-chain interoperability with its bridge functionality.

8:07 PM The Humans Blockchain is custom-made to support the development, deployment, execution, governance and monetization of AI.

8:07 PM Vali Malinoiu, Head of Blockchain and Infrastructure, takes the stage and present the Humans Blockchain

8:04 PM The event kicks off with a video detailing how AI is a technology that changes the world. Sabin Dima, CEO of Humans, opens the event.

7:55 PM Special guests Bob de Roode, Plug & Play (a seed and early-stage investor focused on great teams leading emerging growth companies), and Friso Roscam, Partner Finch Capital (a Thematic Growth Investor in technology companies in Finance, Real Estate and Health run by exceptional entrepreneur) have arrived at the event

7:30 PM Our partners have joined our AI — Blockchain merge: Hedera, Deca 4, Mornigstar Ventures, Next Chimya HK are in the building.

7:15 PM People are starting to enter. There is a huge crowd ready to see the AI impossible Merge happening

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