Hundreds participated at the Humans’ AI-Blockchain Merge

The several hundred people who joined Humans AI for the first anniversary of “heart-driven AI” witnessed a unique event marked by new product launches, partnerships announcements, AI-generated video presentations and good old fashion networking sessions where VCs, influencers, journalists, crypto enthusiasts, AI researchers, and of course, the Humans AI’s Team come together to see the AI on Blockchain merge take place.

We celebrated the AI Impossible Merge 21 (two in one), creating the infrastructure for the economy of AIs, with a top-notch event organized in the centre of Bucharest’s financial quarter. Over 400 special guests witnessed the moment when Blockchain and AI came together to build the economy of AIs.

The event was populated with top representatives of’s community, investors and partner companies among others. Let’s remember that Humans AI is creating a scalable blockchain providing the economy of the heart driven AI, placing the humans at the facefront of the AI evolution.

The event that marked one year since the birth of Humans AI was dedicated to over 100 000 stakeholders that joined and continue to support the company’s mission.

With guests from London, Hong Kong, Dubai and New York, the event was a meeting ground for top AI researchers, crypto investors, startups and corporate representatives, who witnessed the Humans AI Merge and celebrated at the epic party that followed.

Last but not least, partners like Hedera, Deca 4, Morningstar Ventures, and Next Chimya HK supported our mission of delivering the heart-driven AI and joined our 1 Year Anniversary.

Humans AI announcements from the event:


We have launched a new player in the Humans ecosystem — SCALE — our program for switching AI startups to web3 by supporting them with our expertise and technology. Humans SCALE has the mission to become the #1 AI Launchpad in the world, bringing onboard more than 1 million AIs. The moment was marked by the Oveit partnership announcement (ticketing and cashless payments company headquartered in Austin TX, USA) as the first project to be listed on Humans Scale.


With interoperability in its DNA, the NEW Humans Blockchain facilitates the transfer of $HEART tokens from Ethereum at a faster speed and lower fees. Also, Humans AI managed to launch the Devnet for the first blockchain in the Cosmos ecosystem that can execute AI applications. The new infrastructure is organized on governance criteria based on voting. A significant number of validators have already joined our ecosystem.


The in-house technology developed by Humans AI stays at the heart of our first AI experiment named Talkens. Focused on giving life to non-fungible tokens (NFT), Talkens represents a unique collection of 10 000 NFTs. Each Talken NFT encapsulates a unique digital DNA inside, a synthetic voice, that can be used to bring standard digital assets, NFTs, to life, by animating them and giving them a voice, transforming static assets into a new type of smart and dynamic asset that can work for their owner.

Humans AI announced that it is creating an entirely new asset class, the dynamic NFT, which not only moves but also has a voice. With our innovation, the market will change forever

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