Humans Studio: where your ideas become a reality’s new product is the place where people can give a heartbeat to their imagination.

With the Biggest Era right around the corner, is shifting gears and speeding up the development of six new products it plans to release in the near future. This time, we’re going to showcase Humans Studio, the place where the magic happens, where you can leverage artificial intelligence to let your imagination run wild.

By employing artificial intelligence, the most powerful instrument of the digital age, is rethinking the art studio, the workshop in which artists, for a brief moment, manage to tear the boundaries between imagination and reality to snatch a figment of their creativity and pull it into the real world. With its Humans Studio, the Web 3.0 company is bringing its vision to reality to create a place in which everyone can leverage innovative AI tools and technologies to reinvent themselves and unleash their ideas from the confines of their mind while also keeping a human touch.

Traditionally, art studios are a sacred place reserved only for people who have poured their soul into their craft and is considered by those initiated into the secrets of the art world their second home. For the outside observer, it may seem like a messy and even downright chaotic place littered with a wide range of instruments, some of which seem familiar due to a primal artistic instinct that lays dormant in all of us, while others seem truly alien. If you had the chance to enter an art studio and were intoxicated by the raw atmosphere and overwhelmed by your seeming inability to understand what and how things are happening around you, you are not alone.

The digital age has left a deep mark on every sphere of activity, forever changing how we perceive and interact with the world around us. The art and media spheres are no exception, as digitalization has brought forth a plethora of innovative tools that streamline the creation process, helping humanity as a whole ascend to new heights. Compared to the myriad of tools and instruments that are scattered throughout a traditional art studio, advances in technology have made it possible to bundle everything in software packages like Photoshop or Adobe Premiere, making a state-of-the-art studio available at your fingertips. But there is a catch. You will need a piece of hardware powerful enough to let you run this software, which represents a pretty substantial financial investment. Secondly, the complex nature of this type of software will most likely leave most people scratching their heads, meaning that without sufficient technical know-how, you are pretty much stuck.

With an innovative plug and play approach to AI technology, Humans Studio removes all the knowledge barriers, enabling people to give a heartbeat to their imagination without needing to worry about the complex backend process that makes everything possible. This approach to AI means that users are only limited by their imagination as the technology will do all the heavy lifting, enabling users to concentrate all of their time on thinking about their idea and how they would like to shape it. Besides abstracting the complexity involved in AI creation, Humans Studio comes with another powerful benefit that makes it more accessible to a wider audience — it doesn’t require expensive hardware to run. Everything will happen on the servers.

We give you ethical AI to unleash your creativity has made it its mission to liberalize the creation and usage of artificial intelligence technologies, an idea that goes against the status quo established by giants of the tech industry who have monopolized this area of technology, developing it behind closed doors with questionable ethical standards. To provide an alternative to this opaque approach, is working on an ecosystem designed to host different AI technologies.

Our approach is to bridge the gap between the academic environment and the real world by enabling researchers to host their AI algorithms inside our ecosystem to give them visibility and make them available for everyone to use. By employing this collaborative approach towards AI, Humans strives to stimulate participation in AI development beyond the stage of Proof of Concept. With this increased visibility, AI researchers who incorporate their technologies in the Humans ecosystem can expand their work and become part of larger projects that otherwise they will not be part of. In turn, users will benefit from a wide pallet of different algorithms they can choose to incorporate into their projects.

To put into motion its collaborative vision on AI technology, Humans offers multiple environments dedicated to AI creators and AI algorithms:

The Research Studio and AI Library form the foundation for the ecosystem, an environment in which everyone is free to join and benefit from AI technologies to create their own piece of synthetic media. But freedom is often a double-edged sword. Users need to keep in mind that in order to use the technology stored in the Humans ecosystem, they need to respect the standards concerning the ethical use of AI.

With our patented Proof of Human mechanism, we ensure that every piece of AI created in our ecosystem is double-checked by human validators who approve the use of AI algorithms only if they do not deviate from the ethical standards of as well as the rules embedded inside the algorithm. This is done to ensure that the synthetic media content created through the collection of technologies from the Humans platform isn’t used as a vehicle to propagate media that incorporates hate speech, swear words, misinformation and other potentially harmful content. The Proof of Human mechanism, alongside the granular checks and verifications performed by human validators, make sure that we are creating superhumans, not supervillains.

Humans Studio, where humans become superhumans

If the Research Studio is where researchers put their thinking caps on and tinker with AI algorithms and the AI Library is where finished components are published for anyone to see and use, Humans Studio is the environment that binds all the elements together, your personal AI assembly line where you can play with the technology and surprise the world with your creations.

Through a streamlined user interface and a plug and play approach, Humans Studio enables anybody, regardless of their technical prowess or the hardware they own, to put together multiple AI components and create pieces of synthetic media purposely tailored to serve their needs and ideas. Of course, similar to solving a puzzle, you need to make sure that the components you want to use and the required inputs are compatible. For example, you will not be able to give a text input to an algorithm that requires audio, or vice versa. Nonetheless, this is not a technical aspect and is easily solved by the intuitive design of the Humans Studio interface.

Content creators will be able to choose what algorithm suits their needs or combine multiple algorithms and train them. To train an algorithm, users need to provide primary data under the form of AI NFTs. For example, AI Voices is a new type of collectable that encapsulates a synthetic voice in an NFT, which can be used in the Humans Studio to train an algorithm that will produce an AI model that takes a text input and produces an audio output — the spoken version of that text in the voice that was inside the NFT. Users can also take things one step further and increase the complexity of their project by combining algorithms that create facial movements, speech and background to create synthetic avatars that read text inputs with hyper-realistic lip movements.

This type of use case can serve multiple areas, including advertising, where you can have a presentation video where you showcase your product or services and a synthetic avatar in the corner of the screen that describes what is being presented in the video. Corporations may also find a use for this technology, especially when it comes to training employees. A synthetic avatar can be designed to hold training sessions in multiple languages to help overcome language barriers.

An essential component in the creative flow that takes place inside Humans Studio are AI NFTs which act as the building blocks for future synthetic media content. A new type of intelligent asset class, AI NFTs encapsulate a digital DNA sequence like voices, faces and other biometrics, which can be utilized inside the Humans Studio to produce synthetic media. In the initial stages, the contents of AI NFTs will be synthetic, like the synthetic voices encapsulated in the first iteration of voice NFTs, but as the development will progress, users will be able to use their own voices and biometrics to create a more human-centric media, one focused on their own persona.

At the moment of writing, Humans Studio is fine-tuning its set of in-house AI algorithms:

How to create synthetic media through Humans Studio

Humans Studio has is designed to enable anyone to unlock their hidden potential with the power of AI. As such, the development of AI-based products in Humans Studio is straightforward and simple. Where do you start? Well, before jumping in and creating the next big synthetic media product, the process starts inside your head, namely, you need to think about your idea and how you would like to approach it. Then, the fun part starts. Let’s say you have a small business and want to create a digital avatar that talks about your product and why people should definitely buy it.

First, you need to get your hands on an AI NFT that has a voice encapsulated in it. Of course, you are going to choose a voice that resonates best with your style and product.

Secondly, you need to find a suitable algorithm, in this case, text to speech, and train it with the voice you have in your NFT. Every algorithm will have a short description that will outline what it does and what type of input it needs. You can also have the option to use an algorithm that was previously trained by another user, which will significantly reduce the waiting time.

Lastly, you will need to give a face to your voice. This means that you will need an AI video NFT that takes an audio input, the voice you just trained, and add it to a synthetic avatar, your company’s new synthetic spokesperson. After a bit of training to match the voice with the video and to correctly render the lip-synch, you’re done.

In just a couple of steps, you have managed to take your idea and make it a reality. This is one of’s objectives — to democratize the creation and usage of AI in order to reduce the gap between idea and execution with the help of technology. Our vision is to make AI creation a transparent and human-centric process. The dawn of the Biggest Era will mark the beginning of a new and inclusive approach to AI, one in which AI will be the instrument that will turn everyone into a superhuman.

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