HamburgetLogo’s Roadmap reveals the path to the decentralised AI Ecosystem

The path to innovation is not usually straightforward, often taking unexpected directions, twists, and turns that unlock new value and opportunities. Even if the element of surprise is a constant presence that puts to test companies’ abilities to adapt and overcome challenges, each journey towards the ever-shifting and elusive destination called innovation is dotted with significant milestones.’s trailblazing journey toward creating the biggest decentralized AI ecosystem is no different. As we are nearing the end of August 2023, the anticipation is becoming palpable, for this is the moment the company unveils its roadmap rooted in the commitment to building the most extensive decentralized AI ecosystem.

With every milestone etched in excitement and innovation, is poised to democratize AI, bringing it within the reach of a wider audience than ever before. As we navigate the roadmap of developments and partnerships, the promise of a transparent, secure, and connected AI landscape beckons.

August 2023: Paving the Way for AI Transformation

As August unfolds, Humans AI presents us with updates and launches that set the stage for the remarkable journey ahead. First on the agenda is the much-anticipated Bridge, a testament to the company’s commitment to enhancing user experiences and adopting a user-centric approach. These updates will lay the foundation for the forthcoming launch date, which holds the promise of ushering groundbreaking AI products and services to the global stage.

Next in line is the big reveal of BrainBrain, which will form a compass guiding the trajectory of innovation. BrainBrain is a fully-fledged AI crypto companion designed to support crypto traders in achieving a healthy balance between their daily lives and trading, all while keeping informed with the latest developments of their favourite projects. Releasing the BrainBrain roadmap is a testament to Humans AI’s dedication to transparency, detailing the intricate mechanics that will drive their mission forward.

Simultaneously,’s strategic partnership in the Middle East and Asia signifies the company’s ambition to forge alliances that transcend geographical boundaries, fostering innovation and AI growth on a global scale. The Middle East Strategic Partnership and the inaugural phase of the Asia Tour paint a vivid picture of global collaboration. These partnerships transcend geographical boundaries, emphasizing the universality of AI’s potential. In this context, is gearing up to make AI transcend borders, shaping the future of this technology on a global scale.

As these partnerships take shape, the horizons of decentralized AI expand even further, illustrating’s global approach to innovation, where borders are mere lines on the map when it comes to collaboration and progress.

Last but certainly not least, the company is getting ready to release its Alpha Access to its AI Engine, exemplifying Humans AI’s pledge to democratize AI and enabling enthusiasts and experts to explore its capabilities. Opening the doors to the AI Engine’s Alpha Access is a watershed moment as it allows enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the intricate workings of AI. This milestone is not just a technological advance but a democratization of AI knowledge, ensuring this transformative power is available to a wider audience.

September 2023: Unleashing the Power of Curiosity and Zero Knowledge

As September is just around the corner, is gearing up to introduce the revolutionary concept of Curiosity NFTs. This unique digital asset facilitates people to own their curiosity by fostering a novel interaction between knowledge and ownership. A functionality of BrainBrain, Curiosity NFTs enable users to mint unique questions into a non-fungible token, symbolizing the dawn of a new era in knowledge ownership. These non-fungible tokens empower individuals to possess their curiosity, weaving a thread of ownership and engagement with AI’s marvels. September will also witness the second phase of the Asia Tour, during which will continue to propagate the AI revolution, enlightening audiences and creating a buzz about the unlimited potential AI holds.

The Alpha access to the much-awaited Zero Knowledge Proof AI Module will go live later in September, demonstrating the company’s dedication to enhancing privacy and security, two crucial aspects of the AI landscape. Meanwhile, ION’s Biggest Update promises to be a pivotal moment representing a significant leap forward in real-time communication between citizens and government decision-makers, offering a new channel through which our collective voices can be heard.

Simultaneously, will expand its horizons with the creation of a Business-to-Business division dedicated to helping companies integrate AI seamlessly into their operations, empowering them by leveraging the power of this technology to enhance efficiency and innovation. By aiding companies in adopting AI, bridges the gap between technology and various sectors, paving the way for an AI-augmented future. The culmination of these endeavours is the BrainBrain launch, an event that reverberates with the promise of transformation, signifying the realization of Humans AI’s vision to make AI an integral part of the human experience.

October 2023: Exploring new industries

October will usher in a new wave of excitement as will delve into Synthetic Media, Medical AI (MedMed), and Gaming AI (PLAI). The roadmaps, mechanics, and partnerships associated with these initiatives promise to redefine the landscape of advertisement, entertainment, healthcare, and gaming. The synthesis of AI and these domains symbolize the diversified impact of AI across industries, exemplifying’s drive to innovate and diversify. October will also bear witness to new collaborations and partnerships that reflect the company’s dedication to fostering innovative alliances that propel the industry forward.

November 2023: Forging New AI Tools

November will see the launch of three key elements of the Humans AI ecosystem: Proof of Human, the Humans Wallet, and the Humans Data Centre.

Proof of Human is a core component of the Humans Blockchain, acting as a complex governance, verification, and consensus mechanism that will ensure that behind every decision made by an AI is a real human being who ensures it falls in line with human ethics.

The creation of the Humans Wallet will bring added convenience and security to users, enabling them to seamlessly manage their AI interactions and assets. Furthermore, the launch of the Humans Data Center reaffirms Humans AI’s dedication to ensuring the integrity and security of data in an increasingly digital world.


Humans AI’s roadmap for the coming months portrays an exhilarating journey toward a future where AI transcends its boundaries. With strategic partnerships, innovative modules, and a commitment to fostering knowledge, accessibility, security, and growth, the last months of 2023 will witness closing in on its goal of creating the most extensive decentralized AI ecosystem the world has yet to know, where the marvels of this technology are accessible, secure, and impactful for all. The dawn of the decentralized AI ecosystem is here, and is at the forefront, guiding us toward a brighter, more connected future.’s CEO presents at the EAPC 2024 Event in Berlin: “AI: Enrichment or Risk?”’s CEO presents at the EAPC 2024 Event in Berlin: “AI: Enrichment or Risk?” On May 16, 2024, in Berlin, people cultivated in politics, elections, and artificial intelligence (AI) will come together for an...
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