HamburgetLogo unveils EVA at COP28 High-Level Event

Sabin Dima, the visionary CEO and Founder of is set to make a groundbreaking presentation at the COP28 High-Level Event in Dubai. The eagerly anticipated event is scheduled for November 30, 2023, and will focus on “Leveraging AI for Climate Action and Youth Empowerment.”

This momentous occasion marks’s most significant participation in a global event, where it proudly introduces EVA, the revolutionary AI that creates AIs. The presentation aligns with the overarching theme of COP28 — “Bringing the Global International Community Together & Leading the Way in Climate Action.”

COP28— the UN summit dedicated to the climate crisis

The Conference of Parties (COP) is an annual United Nations summit dedicated to addressing the climate crisis. It serves as a platform for nations worldwide to engage in discussions, negotiations, and the formulation of strategies for a more sustainable and climate-resilient future. COP28, hosted in Dubai from November 30 to December 12, 2023, is pivotal for fostering international cooperation, sharing information, negotiating agreements, and assessing progress in the collective fight against climate change.

This year’s focus at COP28 is on global energy targets. The European Union (EU), a prominent leader in climate action, is committed to raising ambition among international partners to support their efforts to combat and adapt to climate change.

At the heart of this global effort, introduces EVA, a technological marvel propelling us into the era of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

EVA, short for Evolutionary AI, redefines the landscape of AI development by being the first AI solution designed to create other AIs. What sets EVA apart is its collaborative nature, serving as a framework that unites universities, research centers, and startups within the EVA ecosystem.

EVA: Revolutionizing AI Creation

In a paradigm-shifting revelation, EVA emerges not as a mere artificial intelligence entity but as an AI creator, transcending the conventional boundaries of individual AI development. Far beyond constructing stand-alone AIs, EVA’s essence lies in weaving an intricate web of interconnected artificial intelligence. This collaborative ethos spans governmental initiatives, national AI endeavors, and corporate ventures devoted to serving their distinct countries and organizations.

Within the EVA framework, individuals and corporations find a seamless avenue to foster the birth of their own AIs and startups, heralding an epoch of democratization in the realm of artificial intelligence. EVA, with its transformative potential, stands ready to propel groundbreaking strides in innovation and entrepreneurship, spanning governmental projects, national AI landscapes, and businesses dedicated to specific countries and organizations.

EVA’s mission, which is both ambitious and impactful, charts a course to craft a staggering one million AIs, effectively populating the entire Blockchain of AIs with revolutionary technologies. This audacious initiative sets the stage for a technological revolution, endowing humanity with the tools necessary to fully exploit the potential of artificial intelligence.

As Sabin Dima steps into the limelight at COP28, emerges as a vanguard of technological innovation, steering a course towards positive change in climate action and fostering youth empowerment through the transformative capabilities of EVA. Anticipate a presentation destined to sculpt the future of AI, a narrative poised to unfold at the intersection of cutting-edge technology and societal progress.
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