HamburgetLogo Synapse Bridge has been launched!

Get ready for a groundbreaking leap in the world of blockchain technology! is excited to announce the upcoming launch of the Humans Synapse Bridge. This innovative solution significantly enhances the Humans’ Blockchain of AIs ecosystem by enabling interoperability with the Ethereum Blockchain. In other words, it is a technical solution that seamlessly connects these two distinct blockchains, allowing assets to flow freely between them.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of Web3, characterized by decentralized governance and distributed applications and services, interoperability has remained a prominent challenge. While blockchain technology has fundamentally transformed trust, security, and ownership in the digital realm, it has also grappled with isolating different blockchain networks. These isolated islands of technology have often struggled to communicate and exchange assets seamlessly, resulting in a fragmented blockchain ecosystem that hinders the realization of the full Web3 potential.

Introducing the Humans Synapse Bridge

The Humans Synapse Bridge is more than just a blockchain bridge. It’s a game-changer as it tackles the issue of interoperability head-on. This decentralized cross-rollup bridge is meticulously designed to facilitate the transfer of ERC20 $HEART tokens from the Ethereum blockchain to native $HEART tokens on the Humans Blockchain and vice versa. To take advantage of this innovative bridge, users must connect their Metamask wallets to both the Humans and Ethereum blockchains, covering both the sender and destination addresses.

This bridge primarily acts as a connection between Ethereum Virtual Machines (EVMs), enabling seamless token transfers between these different networks. Its core functionality revolves around simplifying token transfers between the Ethereum Blockchain and the Humans Blockchain. By doing so, it not only achieves interoperability but also expands the utility of tokens across the blockchains.

Vali Malinoiu, Head of Blockchain at, explains, “Our Blockchain Synapse is designed to benefit our community first and foremost. Through this module, we make the Humans Blockchain more versatile, innovative, and asset-friendly. We establish a direct link with a blockchain outside the Cosmos ecosystem, allowing users to bring their $HEART tokens into our blockchain to interact with AI products.”

Humans Synapse Bridge Flow

Here’s a closer look at the technology and how it works:

Initiating the Transfer: The process begins with the user accessing the homepage, where the default selection is Ethereum to ($HEART). By clicking the “Start” button, the transfer process is initiated.

Connecting Wallets: The user needs to connect both the source (Ethereum) and destination ( wallets by clicking the “Connect Metamask” button. This step ensures that the system knows where to send the funds. Users log in to their Metamask wallet, select the desired wallet, and complete the connection process. Interactive GIFs guide users through these steps.

Amount Confirmation: The user is prompted to switch networks if they are not already on the correct network for both wallets. At this stage, users can manually enter the amount of $HEART tokens to transfer or use the “Max” button to transfer their entire available balance. Upon confirmation, users proceed to the next step.

Transaction Approval: For ERC20 token deposits, users need to approve the spending of these tokens. This step ensures the security of the transaction. Users will find instructional GIFs guiding them through this process. After signing the transaction, an email confirmation is awaited.

Depositing Tokens: Following approval, the deposit process takes place. Similar to the previous step, this is accompanied by instructive GIFs. Once the deposit is complete, users are prompted to switch networks to the required one for claiming.

Claiming Tokens: Now, users are on the correct network (connected to the destination account) and can proceed to claim the tokens. GIFs guide them through the necessary steps. After confirming the receipt in Metamask, users receive an email confirmation and are automatically redirected to the final step.

Transaction Review: This step allows users to review all transaction details, including the amount, source, and destination. Users also have the option to restart the entire process if needed.

The Power of Decentralized Interoperability

The Humans Synapse Bridge distinguishes itself by offering a decentralized, trustless solution for seamless transactions. Unlike centralized bridges that require users to trust a central entity, the Humans Synapse Bridge leverages smart contracts and validators to manage and approve token transfers. This decentralized approach enhances security and mitigates vulnerabilities, providing users with more control over their cryptocurrency.

Additionally, the Humans Synapse enables users to utilize their Metamask address on the Humans Blockchain. This feature empowers users to manage native tokens effortlessly and execute swaps through interchain accounts, further enhancing usability and control.

The Humans Blockchain leverages CosmWasm to ensure smart contract functionality. It also adopts Cosmos’ Inter Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC) to connect the ecosystem with other blockchain networks within the Cosmos ecosystem. This functionality transforms the user experience, enabling seamless interaction with various blockchain ecosystems.


The Humans Synapse Bridge paves the way for a more interconnected and versatile blockchain landscape. As blockchain technology continues to shape the digital world, interoperability becomes a critical enabler for future innovations.

By solving the pressing matter of blockchain isolation, empowers its community to make the most of its $HEART tokens and interact seamlessly with AI products, ultimately pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the blockchain and artificial intelligence domains.

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