Humans AI reveals its technology at KuCoin’s AMA

Humans AI attended an AMA session organized by KuCoin, one of the biggest exchanges in the crypto world.

Representing at the AMA was Alex Iancu, Head of Marketing, who shared with the community some insights concerning the and Talkens projects, recent achievements as well what the community should expect in the future.

Aptly named the HEART AMA session, the event took place online, on the KuCoin Discord server and was hosted by Ayush Singh — KuCoin Musketeer. The first half of the AMA was structured like a traditional Q&A session, while the latter half shifted gears and made things more interesting by involving the community with a free-ask section in which they asked Alex multiple questions.

The guest speaker then selected five questions to answer, and the lucky attendees who had their questions chosen were rewarded 2 000 $HEART tokens. But that’s not all. The HEART AMA session was followed by a red envelope giveaway of 255 000 $HEART tokens.

Working to raise the AI of tomorrow

The Head of Marketing kicked things off by highlighting some of the things the team currently has on its agenda.

“Right now, we’re working on a lot of things in parallel. At, our goal is to bring AI into the hand of every human on the planet, regardless of their technical competencies. As such, we’re working hard toward achieving this goal, and the first step of this can be seen in our upcoming AI NFT Collection — This is a collection made up of up to 10 000 AI NFTs, each of them having their own AI DNA encapsulated within them, which we call AI Serum. With these Serums, one can bring any NFT to life, with the only condition being that the said NFT collection has a mouth drawn.”

· But to build the AI of the future, you need a stable foundation, and work is in progress on the Humans Blockchain, which has a working Devnet on the Cosmos Network. The first blockchain for AIs has its Testnet and Mainnet under development which is set to go live in Q2 — Q3 of the next year.

· Progress is also made on the Humans Scale Launchpad, an ecosystem designed to help AI projects transition from web2 to web3. “We’ll take them through all the required steps, ranging from token management and creation to community interactions”, underlined Alex when mentioning the Humans Launchpad.

Talkens brings NFTs to life

When asked by the KuCoin moderator how the project works, Alex Iancu clarified that Talkens leverages state-of-the-art AI technologies that range from voice generation to video mapping.

“Starting from 50 real voices that were recorded, with an equal distribution between male & female voices, we’ve generated 10.000 synthetic voices […] As a result, every single NFT in the collection has its own encapsulated AI Serum within it, containing that NFT’s own voice. These serums will be available in a fixed number, based on the NFT’s rarity & users will be available to use 1 Serum to bring 1 NFT to life. We’ll also have a staking program in place designed to help people generate more serums to bring more NFTs to life. This will also generate a secondary market for AI Serums, as we expect people to be eager to own more voices to bring more of their NFTs to life!”

People who want more of a hands-on approach can test Talkens by following these steps:

1. Join our Discord channel (

2. Complete verification so you are granted the member role

3. Go to & sign permissions with MetaMask (nothing will be taken out of your wallet, it’s just a security measure)

4. Your wallet will be credited with $500 synthetic HEART tokens to allow you to give NFTs a voice.

A bounty system is also available for anyone interested to join our discord. The highest level of bounties is joining our Golden Savior Club, which will give its users a few awesome benefits, such as:

1. FREE MINT of 2 Talkens AI NFTs

2. Unlimited synthetic $HEART for voice generation

3. Exclusive Alpha benefits such as finding out first about the latest developments, participating in raffles that win you other NFTs

While discussing the topic of synthetic voices and bringing NFTs to life, the Humans AI delegate took the opportunity to announce that Talkens is working together with KuCoin to launch the voice of Satoshi, an NFT that will need the help of everyone in the KuCoin community for the creation and will be launched before the Talkens collection.

“It started from the premise that everyone knows about Satoshi, but nobody really knows who he is, and without him, none of us would be here. As a result, we’ve reverse-engineered the Talkens voice generation process, so instead of making many voices from a few, we’re taking in a lot of voices, those of the KuCoin community, and merging them into a single voice — the Voice of Satoshi. All in all, we see it as an initiative involving everyone in creating the voice of the man who got us all started on our crypto journeys!

The free-ask session, an AI-focused discussion

Unsurprisingly, one of the first questions that came from the community focused on the foundational technologies of Humans AI, blockchain and AI, namely why AI needs blockchain.

The representative at the KuCoin AMA outlined:

- that blockchain is an ideal framework for AI because it sparks collaboration through the ecosystem due to permissionless and open design (the staking mechanic plays a key role).

- blockchain comes with built-in governance and approval mechanisms that can be fit to support and monitor AI decisions at scale.

- the native currency closes the economic loop between all key stakeholders.

- for developers and AI researchers, blockchain is an environment which guarantees ownership of algorithms, data distribution, usage and sharing at scale.

- is putting humans at the forefront of the AI revolution by turning them into validators to steward the good development and use of AI and blockchain.

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