HamburgetLogo Mainnet Staking will be launched as earlier Pre-Staking programs conclude

We’re nearing the completion of our 12-week staking option and Flexible program, both ending on 29.01.2024! These staking options have reached their conclusion as will offer $HEART owners the chance to stake directly on the Mainnet!⏰

With the option to stake directly on the Humans Mainnet, we will be suspending further deposits into the 12-week and Flexible Pre-Staking Programs. Staking will continue until the due date is finished for those currently enrolled in the program, but new deposits will not be permitted.

Please note that even though the 12-week pre-staking program will come to an end on 29.01.2024, staking options will become available after the date on Humans Mainnet.

Staking is a way for us to reward our community members for having a long-term mindset and locking up some of their $HEART tokens to help support the operation of the Humans blockchain ecosystem. 💰


We would also like to thank all of you who have staked so far! We are very grateful for the high numbers of $HEART token holders who have continued to put their trust in the project by joining the Staking Programs.

Your commitment and implication highlight once again how strong the community is. United under the same heartbeat, we will build a great future with the help of AI technology!

New to $HEART Staking?

Want to learn more about staking $HEART tokens and our history in staking?

Check out our Medium article on staking for more information — including the $HEART token’s importance within the ecosystem and the Mainnet!

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