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Why AI needs Blockchain technology

Are you an AI researcher or blockchain developer? Join us for the London Meetup on the 30th of June, starting from 6:00 PM, toconnect and discuss future opportunities!

This will be a great opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions about what is the perfect environment for the AI to evolve (hint: blockchain). We look forward to spending together an evening in one of the most iconic buildings in London, see you at One Blackfriars, at the 32nd floor business lounge. 🏢

Let’s debate together:

• Why AI needs blockchain — a panel discussion with Vali Malinoiu, Head of Blockchain, and Florin Otto, Chief Product Officer at

• How to run and manage AI using Blockchain — Vali Malinoiu, Head of Blockchain at

•Plus a surprise guest speaker

Because the number of places is limited, the admission will be between 6:00–6:30pm. So on June 30th be quick to secure your spot here!

*Pizzas & drinks are on the house!

AI-driven world owned by the community

By launching the series of AI & Blockchain community meetups, our objective is to create a new and enthusiastic business and tech community for technology professionals and experts of both domains.

We aim to take your fascination with AI and turn it into reality, into something that everyone can interact with and, more importantly, trust. To achieve this goal, we will leverage blockchain technology to put humans behind every AI decision to control the technology in the future. Our community is getting stronger around the ideas of how Blockchain and AI can work together and build something great for the future.

Learn AI and Blockchain within the tech and business community! Be part of the future. 🚀🚀🚀

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