HamburgetLogo leads the discussion on AI and Blockchain at Crypto Expo Europe 2024

Excitement filled the air on the second day of Crypto Expo Europe as industry leaders gathered to explore the intersection of AI systems, blockchain, and cryptocurrency. The much-anticipated panel titled “Why do AI systems require blockchain and cryptocurrency?” took center stage, drawing attention from attendees eager to delve into this dynamic fusion of technologies.

Moderated by Roxana Pistolea,’s Web3 Evangelist, the panel featured notable figures from the AI scene, including Sabin Dima, CEO and Founder, and Bogdan Filip, Head of Community. Their insights illuminated the critical role of blockchain and cryptocurrency in shaping the future of AI. Head of Community “ is creating the first blockchain for AI systems”

During the discussion, Bogdan Filip underscored the significance of blockchain’s characteristics and inherent features in addressing ethical considerations surrounding data privacy and ownership in AI development. He emphasized the importance of transparency, traceability, and decentralization, highlighting how blockchain technology helps build trust, privacy, and fairness, acting as an ideal ecosystem for AI development. CEO “ChatGPT is not going to end the market”

Sabin Dima captivated the audience with his reflections on the changes witnessed in the AI landscape over the past year. He articulated how blockchain reflects innovation, bringing trustworthiness and accountability to AI systems. Also, Sabin Dima emphasized the role of blockchain in building the AI economy, providing a robust foundation for sustainable growth and development.

As the panel concluded, attendees departed with newfound insights and inspiration, energized by the transformative potential of AI, blockchain, and cryptocurrency.

AI Agent: The Future of the AI Economy

In a related matter, the first day at Crypto Expo Europe in Bucharest, the largest Blockchain Conference in Eastern Europe, was marked by the panel named “AI Agent: The Future of the AI Economy”. Moderated by Bogdan Filip, the panel boasted an impressive lineup formed by Vali Mălinoiu, Head of Blockchain & Infrastructure at, Prof. Dr. Radu Ionescu from the University of Bucharest, Dragoș Costea, Head of Computer Vision at, and Radu Țoncu, CMO at ClusterPower.

The audience learned that AI Agents are the digital newcomers revolutionizing our world. Powered by machine learning, natural language processing, and other technologies, AI Agents can learn from data, adapt to new information, and execute complex functions autonomously. They exist in various forms, from chatbots providing customer service to robots created for healthcare and manufacturing. AI Agents are designed to understand, analyze, and respond to human input.

You can’t simply say: “Take this AI Agent and drive a car”

Our Computer Vision specialist, Dragos Costea, made a parallel with an autonomous car when he explained the complexity of AI Agents. “You can’t simply say: “Take this AI agent and drive. Each functionality needs to be taken individually and programmed based on a specialized agent to perform that functionality. The AI agent will be trained with specific data for that function and learn perfectly to execute that function.”

It will become necessary to pay an AI Agent

Vali Malinoiu, Head of Blockchain & Infrastructure at, concluded the Panel with a new take on the economy necessary for the AI Agents industry:

“When a new technology emerges, it often happens that regulations or ethical considerations are not immediately applicable. AI Agents will become specialized in various tasks, requiring payment for their services. Currently, we only have a framework like blockchain where a token can be created to incentivize those agents. Therefore, regulation and ethics are issues that will naturally be addressed through the blockchain framework.”

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