Humans AI is using CosmWasm to propel AI into the web3 era

Humans AI has started to develop its own blockchain platform tailored to act as a framework which will mitigate some of the most pressing issues that revolve around the execution, monetization and governance of AI.

But this is just the tip of the technological iceberg, as the Humans Blockchain will push beyond the limitations associated with blockchain technology like the lack of interoperability, to bring the execution and management of artificial intelligence into the web3 era.

To achieve its mission, will utilize the tools and technologies developed by Cosmos, an ecosystem of interconnected blockchains that is often dubbed the internet of blockchains. Among the technologies found in its own toolbox, is going to leverage Cosmos SDK, CosmWasm and the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC) to set the foundation for an interconnected blockchain environment for artificial intelligence.

Why Cosmos?

The web3 era can be summed up very briefly as the organic evolution of the digital world as we know it, one dominated by core tenants like decentralization and connectivity. Embracing this new paradigm, Cosmos has positioned itself as an ecosystem of blockchains that can scale and interoperate with each other. With a new technical vision, Cosmos aims to revamp the concept of blockchain technology, transforming it from a rigid, siloed framework, unable to communicate with other similar networks, into an interconnected structure that can communicate and interact with every blockchain part of the Cosmos ecosystem.

“Cosmos is slowly building itself as the Internet of Blockchains, an ecosystem of interconnected blockchain networks that can communicate with each other. This is a perfect starting point for the Humans Blockchain, as the Cosmos environment gives us access to a set of powerful tools and technologies that will help us bring AI and blockchain together to address some critical issues related to the governance, execution and monetization of artificial intelligence. We are building the first blockchain in the Cosmos ecosystem that can execute AI, so we are welcoming validators who want to join us in changing the face of blockchain and AI”, stated Vali Malinoiu, Head of Blockchain & Infrastructure at

Humans AI is the first company from the Cosmos ecosystem to manage, deploy and execute artificial intelligence on the blockchain. With blockchain as a foundation for its AI ecosystem, ensures the route of the fees from the creator to the consumer and the executor. Also, the inherent characteristics of blockchain enhance ownership management of AI and in-depth traceability regarding how it is used and by whom it is used.

Artificial intelligence with a human touch is mixing the innovative fields of artificial intelligence and nonfungible tokens to create AI NFTs, a new type of asset class that enables anyone to own a piece of AI and determine how it will be used. With the technology developed by, NFTs are transformed from a static art form to a complex instrument that enables the creation of AI that generates real-world value.

The Humans blockchain is envisioned as a complex ecosystem which will make smart contracts smarter, bringing them into the web3 era. By leveraging CosmWasm, the Humans Blockchain is restructuring the concept of artificial intelligence by enabling them to interact with each other through smart contracts. This modular approach to AI and smart contracts empowers users, allowing them to combine multiple AI NFTs to create new AI products. In this way, the modular approach to AI opens up a new window of opportunities that can be explored by content creators.

AI NFTs are unique because they encapsulate a digital DNA, which can be represented by a voice, face, posture, way of being, and other biometrics, which can act as the building blocks for the creation of new synthetic media.

By leveraging CosmWasm, a content creator can combine multiple AI NFTs and the digital DNA inside of them to create unique content. For example, a user can use a voice from an AI NFT and combine it with another AI NFT that has a face encapsulated in it to create a custom digital avatar that uses the traits from both AI NFTs. The limit is only your imagination!

The right tools for the trade

Designed as a full-fledged blockchain ecosystem, Cosmos embraces autonomy and interoperability over siloes and monopolies. Collaboration and innovation are fundamental values of the Cosmos philosophy. To enable other people and projects who share their vision to join its mission and start contributing to the creation of a new generation of interconnected blockchains, Cosmos has created Cosmos SDK, the Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol and CosmWasm.

Cosmos Software Developer Kit (SDK) is an open-source framework designed to simplify the development of custom blockchains from scratch that can natively interconnect with other blockchains that are part of the Cosmos ecosystem. With a modular design, Cosmos SDK is composed of different readily available pre-built modules and plug-ins that users can put together to create a blockchain tailored to serve their needs.

The Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC) is an open-source protocol that handles the authentication and transport of data between independent blockchains. IBC is a key component of the Cosmos ecosystem that links one blockchain to another, enabling trustless communication between the two networks and facilitating the exchange of value through dedicated channels using smart contracts to connect to the chains. IBC solves one of the main barriers to interoperability, the lack of cross-chain communication.

CosmWasm is a smart contract engine written as a module that can plug into the Cosmos SDK. This means that anyone who has a blockchain built using Cosmos SDK can seamlessly add CosmWasm smart contract features to their chain without needing to modify the existing logic of their underlying platform.

The name CosmWasm isn’t chosen at random, as it reflects that it is the Cosmos (Cosm) way of implementing WebAssembly (Wasm). CosmWasm represents an important development in the blockchain space because it is the only cross-chain interpretable Virtual Machine besides the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). CosmWasm seamlessly integrates with Cosmos SDK and IBC, allowing developers to make secure and composable cross-chain applications. is leveraging CosmWasm to introduce a new breed of smart contracts that can be executed cross-chain.

We are using CosmWasm to ensure the interoperability of the Humans Blockchain with other blockchains present in the Cosmos ecosystem. At its core, CosmWasm is a virtual machine, which, in the context of blockchain, is tasked with maintaining the state of the network whenever a smart contract is executed. So, CosmWasm is primarily tasked with executing smart contracts, just like Ethereum’s EVM. The only difference between the two is that when it comes to transaction speeds and security, CosmWasm is light years ahead”, added Vali Malinoiu.

By design, CosmWasm solves some fundamental security problems that plague the Ethereum ecosystem by removing attack vectors like reentrancy, frontrunning, arithmetic underflow/overflow, default visibilities and many more. Furthermore, developers are prone to make mistakes, it happens to all of us. The problem is that in a smart contract context, mistakes often have a snowball effect, growing into something more damaging.

CosmWasm has a set of mechanisms to support developers and mitigate some common mistakes or manipulation attempts. By integrating CosmWasm into the Humans Blockchain, the Humans team makes sure that smart contract development is elevated to the highest standard.’s CEO presents at the EAPC 2024 Event in Berlin: “AI: Enrichment or Risk?”’s CEO presents at the EAPC 2024 Event in Berlin: “AI: Enrichment or Risk?” On May 16, 2024, in Berlin, people cultivated in politics, elections, and artificial intelligence (AI) will come together for an...
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