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With Machine Learning and Deep Learning technologies

The concept of Machine Learning has existed in the consciousness of the academic environment since the early 70’, acting as a low hanging fruit that couldn’t be touched with the resources available at that time. Decades later, advances in processing power, storage capacities, and more importantly, the accumulation of vast quantities of data facilitated the transition of this technology from stacks of dust-covered research papers to countless real-life iterations of products based on machine learning that are currently available on the market. is leveraging complex Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques and technologies to empower humans by giving them control over one of the most powerful tools of the digital era: artificial intelligence. With the technology developed by, every human regardless of his/her technical prowess can scale their limitless potential with the help of custom AI solutions that are kept under close supervision by people who join the ecosystem to act as validators that help in the governance of AI maintaining it ethically.

After the technological revolution, the canvas is replaced with the digital medium, a new place in which everyone can express their creativity and unleash their imagination, while the tool of creation, the paintbrush or the chisel that were used centuries ago by grandmasters is replaced by technology, respectively artificial intelligence in this case.

Complex technology made simple by

Artificial intelligence is an umbrella term that encompasses multiple disciplines and subfields like machine learning and deep learning, each of them requiring specialized data to produce the most desired outcome. acknowledges the fact that people do not have the time necessary to delve into issues like supervised learning, labelled or unlabeled data. To avoid burdening people with unnecessary technical knowledge and to improve the user experience, hides the complex inner workings and details of machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks behind an abstraction layer to give people more time and freedom to focus on their AI projects.

Relatively recently, technologies like neural networks, machine learning and deep learning democratized research in the sense that you no longer require a laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art instruments and computers to perform research in this field of computing. A high school student with a bit of programming know-how and an eagerness to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty can tinker and deepen his understanding of machine learning and neural networks by playing around and building things that would have been considered impossible 10 years ago, let alone in a home setting.

What does with its technology democratizes the creation process and use of AI and machine learning, technologies that so far have been relegated only to universities and research laboratories. The AI creation process is streamlined through a high-level interface through which users can interact with the Humans Studio, where they can combine different neural networks to create their own piece of AI tailored to their specific needs and use cases. For example, users can combine algorithms that reproduce facial movements, voice sounds, and background to create a digital avatar that reads text or dictates a set of instructions. Or they may complement such a combination with neural networks producing specific features, such as hyper-realistic lip movements.

AI NFTs are a new type of asset class created by that acts as a building block in the AI creation process. Through our AI NFTs, humans can create their unique Digital Genome that consists of multi-modal personal data like visual and audio data that compose an individual’s unique biometric composition (voice, face, eye colour, body posture, etc.). The newly created AI NFT is owned by their creator, who can be remunerated by other people who want to use his AI NFT in their AI solution.

Humans.aitechnology in real life use cases

a). The first iteration of the technology is deeply rooted in the creation of synthetic media. As such, it can serve countless industries, especially advertising as a digital avatar can be created to describe and sell a product, as well as in the retail and media industries.

b). Real estate is another industry that shows real potential. Imagine that you want to purchase a house in a foreign country, but have a very rigid time schedule, so you can’t afford to take weeks of vacation to scout for your new home away from home. With our technology, we can create not only a digital avatar that can describe the real estate, but also the house itself. So, the digital avatar of the salesperson can walk around through the digital representation of the house and take potential buyers for a tour of the property to help them make up their minds before visiting the location in person.

c). As some of you may know, working abroad brings about a lot of new opportunities but also a lot of challenges, especially when it comes to the language barrier. Very rarely people are lucky enough to get hired into a company that has a multilingual staff capable of performing training in other languages besides their native one. Enter, a product that leverages’s technology that can create avatars of heads (talking heads for short) that can communicate in other languages. The product works by taking a voice or text input and outputting the talking head that communicates in the chosen language along with facial expressions and lip synchronization.

d). A football team can benefit greatly from this type of software. As you all know football is a sport that transcends borders, uniting people from all over the globe to play together in different teams. More often than not, this poses a series of language barriers that can affect the team dynamic. Football is a team game that requires a lot of tactics, a game plan and team cohesion. All of this information is relayed by the football coach and the technical staff. The problem is what do you do when you are faced with a language barrier between players? What do you do when your star player has a golden leg but doesn’t quite master the lingua franca? Our answer is simple. Make a digital avatar of the coach that can talk in every possible language. Besides resolving the language barrier, this solution comes with another added benefit, namely that the player can listen to the digital avatar whenever and wherever he wants in order to better understand the tactics prepared by staff.

The deepfake question has a technological answer

The internet is full of funny deepfake videos with Nicholas Cage or other actors in amusing situations. But in the hands of ill-intended people, deepfakes can become a dangerous tool that can harm the image of real people. The most relevant examples are videos in which people seem to appear in lewd and even pornographic videos. This is one example of AI used unethically. But as Nicu Sebe, Head of the AI Department at believes: “we need to make sure they aren’t used by bad people for malicious purposes. I don’t think we should restrain from creating this new content, but we certainly need to make sure that it is being used properly. That’s very important.” fuses together AI with blockchain technology to ensure that AI is kept under close supervision and ethical by humans through its unique Proof-of-Human mechanism. Proof-of-Human is an integral component of the blockchain that acts as a governance, consensus and verification system, which helps ensure that behind every AI NFT, there is a human decision.

Simply put, Proof-of-Human is a complex and versatile mechanism that ensures three key functions related to AI NFTs: governance, consensus and verification. People can interact directly with the blockchain and the Proof-of-Human mechanism via smartwatch or smartphone through specialized applications. Any piece of AI that is developed in the ecosystem is under the scrutiny of the Proof-of-Human mechanism, which ensures that a human is always behind an AI to ensure that the technology isn’t used to harm the integrity of a person or in other malicious ways.

The road ahead for AI solutions

We are slowly reaching and passing a boundary that separates reality from science fiction, the point in which artificial intelligence is not only capable of mimicking our behaviours and performing repetitive tasks but also able to observe, understand and react in an appropriate manner.

In the near future, AI will not only be a tool, an instrument that we put to use but also a companion that can understand our needs and feelings and formulate a proper response.

Nicu Sebe, the man who cracked the enigmatic smile of the Mona Lisa and the Head of the AI Department at shed some light on the current limitations on the AI technology present on the market and how aims to progress past these limitations: “If you see a person for the first time, you can make an impression and that would be what a machine would do. But in many cases, you do have context. So, it’s not only that I see you angry today, it automatically means that you are going to be angry tomorrow and so on. We can put this information into the right context. I think this is what a machine would miss, but what a machine could do is it could definitely start to learn a lot about me, even things that I’m not aware of and as long as it’s helping me in that direction”.

As human beings, we are learning all the time, constantly uncovering new things about the world and the people that surround us. This is the essence of being human and we at want to take this essence and apply it to AI through concepts like continual, incremental and interchangeable learning in our machine learning algorithms.

The AI of the future will use concepts like zero-shot learning, a type of machine learning technology that goes beyond the established paradigm of pattern recognition, enabling AI to recognize and learn concepts that haven’t been used in its training.

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