HamburgetLogo integrates with Squid Router to enhance user accessibility and boost trading volume

We at are thrilled to announce our integration with the Squid Router following the successful launch of our Liquidity Pool on Osmosis. This integration marks a significant step forward in improving user experience and interoperability.

Our decision to utilize the Squid Router is backed by the commitment to minimizing gas fees and simplifying direct transfers to native wallets KEPLR and LEAP.

Squid empowers seamless token swaps between blockchains, enabling users instant access to cross-chain applications with just a single click. Developers benefit from Squid’s API and front-end development tools, which streamline the creation of cross-chain swaps, bridges, and diverse transactions. Squid ranks among the top players in the industry, with a track record of facilitating over a billion dollars in volume.

Through Squid, any token can effortlessly transition between blockchains, providing users with easy access to cross-chain liquidity. Regardless of the blockchain they utilize, individuals with cryptocurrency wallets can now easily tap into this liquidity with just one click.

Squid’s versatile API and SDK enable the exchange of different types of tokens across a wide range of integrated chains, empowering crypto users to explore new ecosystems with unparalleled ease. In this way, Squid helps shape the future of blockchain interoperability, where liquidity transcends borders and accessibility is a button away.

How Does It Work with $Heart?

Squid essentially works as a liquidity router, seamlessly converting $HEART to ETH to USDC, sending it to Uniswap, transferring it to Osmosis in USDC to buy $HEART, and finally delivering it to the designated address. Overall, it’s an easy-to-use alternative to our existing bridge, providing a streamlined one-click experience, which increases ease of use and generates increased trading volume.

About utilizes blockchain technology to align artificial intelligence with trust, creating a human-centric approach. Our company views AI not as a tool but as a companion, envisioning a collaborative future with humanity. Notably, almost three years ago, was the first startup to highlight in its mission the merger between AI and blockchain. Driven by this vision, has established a unique foundation for controlling AI within the Blockchain.


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