HamburgetLogo enters the UAE market

We’re partnering with Deca4, Specialized Consultancy Studio based in Dubai

We are excited to announce that is entering the UAE market, following our partnership with Specialized Blockchain Consultancy Studio Deca4, based in Dubai. Together with the Deca4 team, we will support the implementation and development for startups and tech companies looking to implement AI capabilities and soon to come innovations, such as Synthetic media, or AI-generated media — particularly programs that rely on artificial intelligence and machine learning, offered by

Deca4 is a global Blockchain and Tokenization advisory and consultancy company focusing on providing best practices to help its clients in the implementation of new technologies and practices, as well as other forms of financial and legal advice in advancing its clients business.

Deca4 advises startups, corporations, governments, and other organizations on leveraging distributed ledger technology and blockchain to transform their business and capture their greatest opportunities.

“Our unique understanding of the market and research-driven approach, leveraged with our deep industry network, has made us a foundational element of some of the globally renowned projects. While our expertise covers the legal, technical, economical, and creative, our focus on new technology has stood behind our decision to partner with the team at, developing great innovations in the AI and synthetic media space.”, said Mohammed Mahfoudh, CEO at Deca4.

“We’re very excited about our partnership with Deca4 and facilitating access to our technology for companies in the UAE and beyond. We are at a tipping point regarding the power of AI capabilities and soon to come innovations will change how we interact with communication platforms, entertainment, education, healthcare, banking, insurance and many other industries. For us at, synthetic media is the first to enter this new technological era. We create the technology, the model of interaction between stakeholders, and the economy around Synthetic media AIs. Next, we will open our ecosystem to Media and Streaming, Marketing and Advertising, e-Commerce, Education and other specific AIs.”, explained Sabin Dima, co-founder and CEO at

For example, marketers can use AI tools to analyze and manipulate voice when interacting with customers, assess user behaviour and sentiment to generate more relevant offers, or personalize the experience of using a product or service. Changing people’s appearance to avoid bias (e.g. creating neutral online avatars to avoid gender, race, age, and other types of discrimination).

The technology can help with the scaling of the Human DNA (appearance, voice) to transcend geographies, time zones and languages (e.g. distributing a promotional or educational video in multiple languages yet with the same face and voice).

Online retailers can benefit from AI algorithms to analyze user comments and reviews and customize the online experience for the shoppers, making it even more engaging when transforming plain text pages into short ads showcasing their wishlist products. The only limit for the real-life application of synthetic media is our imagination.

About Deca4

Deca4 is a specialized Blockchain consultancy studio based in Dubai, UAE with a presence in Europe and Latin America. Its partners and team bring years of technology and business management experience, leveraged by an extensive industry network. ​Deca4’s partner network includes Hedera Hashgraph, The HBAR Foundation, Securitize, Polymath, EDSX, DigiShares, DAO Maker, Sheesha Finance, Coinstreet, PLC, Karm and many others.

Deca4 offers extensive advisory services including Asset Tokenization Advisory, New Tech Innovation, Financial Advisory, and others. The company helps new and existing businesses to adopt the latest technological trend and stay ahead of its competition.

About is a Web 3.0 company that brings together an ecosystem of stakeholders around the use of AI to create at scale. Introducing the first framework for ethical AI and blockchain, is creating an all-in-one platform for AI-based creation and governance. Through its creative studio, token-based ownership and accountability system, is designed to ensure contributions are fairly rewarded and that every AI is kept honest over the long term.

The native token of the ecosystem, the $HEART token, empowers users to participate in the governance of the platform and facilitates key flows of value within it. All fees charged within the platform will be paid in $HEART.

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