HamburgetLogo enters into a new stage. The TRUST Era, starting from the 10th of January

Trust is a complex matter. It’s something that, as an organization, we need to earn, not just by words and promises, but most of all by actions.

The human challenge of accelerating digital transformation can only advance on a foundation of trust, through accessibility, authenticity, and transparency.

In this new digital age, our trust in technology is powered by the ways in which we can define and protect the digital rights of individuals. We all want digital products to do what they say and meet the need for a secure and trusted digital environment.

Thus, building and ensuring trust, by leveraging the advancement of technology, is at the basis of everything we do. We address trust principles for human-centred algorithms as essential, in order to ensure that users can safely and confidently adopt new technologies such as AI applications.

Principles of TRUST

Our vision is to create an environment where creators can put AI to use in any industry in the comfort and knowledge that everything they create is aligned with these principles by default and by design.

The European Commission’s High-Level Expert Group on AI have put forward 7 key requirements that AI systems must satisfy in order to be deemed trustworthy. Below, each principle is a statement of how is committed to creating an all-in-one AI platform that is trustworthy:

AI systems should empower human beings, allowing them to make informed decisions and fostering their fundamental rights. At the same time, proper oversight mechanisms need to be ensured, which can be achieved through human-in-the-loop, human-on-the-loop, and human-in-command approaches

Proof-of-Human — the system ensures that there is a real person behind every AI. Product ownership, governance, and value flows will be tracked through NFTs created for each AI application / asset, with the entire ecosystem governed by Humans and $HEART governance token holders.

AI systems need to be resilient and secure. They need to be safe, ensuring a
fall back plan in case something goes wrong, as well as being accurate, reliable and reproducible. That is the only way to ensure that unintentional harm can be minimized and prevented.

No compromises. The team is building the platform with safety and data privacy as a top priority in design and development. We will make no compromises when it comes to security.

Besides ensuring full respect for privacy and data protection, adequate data governance mechanisms must also be ensured, taking into account the quality and integrity of the data, and ensuring legitimised access to data. is being created to address this critical need head on, and will do so by designing an easy to navigate governance platform that accounts for each party’s data, permissions, and usage.

The data, system and AI business models should be transparent. Traceability mechanisms can help achieve this. Moreover, AI systems and their decisions should be explained in a manner adapted to the stakeholder concerned.

Humans need to be aware that they are interacting with an AI system, and must be informed of the system’s capabilities and limitations.

Unfair bias must be avoided, as it could could have multiple negative implications, from the marginalization of vulnerable groups, to the exacerbation of prejudice and discrimination. Fostering diversity, AI systems should be accessible to all, regardless of any disability, and involve relevant stakeholders throughout their entire life circle.

The team strives to ensure discrimination has no place in its ecosystem, and places a high value on making this technology accessible to everyone around the world.

AI systems should benefit all human beings, including future generations. It must hence be ensured that they are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Moreover, they should take into account the environment, including other living beings, and their social and societal impact should be carefully considered.

We will constantly engage in public education and maintain discourse around AI and synthetic media to ensure the system is operating in integrity and doing all it can to promote positive environmental and social outcomes.

Mechanisms should be put in place to ensure responsibility and accountability for AI systems and their outcomes. Auditability, which enables the assessment of algorithms, data and design processes plays a key role therein, especially in critical applications. Moreover, adequate and accessible redress should be ensured. is being built to ensure that AIs are created and maintained in ways which ensure there is long term ownership and accountability. All parties and systems involved in the creation of an AI, as well as those presently responsible for its management and governance, will be recorded and overseen by the ecosystem.

💡In this Era of TRUST, we will present to you a series of detailed articles on the advanced applications our talented team of developers and international AI and Blockchain experts are building, as we strive to create the framework for ethical AI solutions. Also, soon to be announced are a series of programs and commitments we hold to our community, ensuring special rewards for those who trust. More exciting announcements to come starting from the 10th of January! 🔜

About is the first framework for ethical AI and blockchain. It is creating an all-in-one platform for AI-based creation and governance at scale, beginning with an initial focus on synthetic media. Through its creative studio and token-based ownership and accountability system, is designed to ensure contributions are fairly rewarded and that every AI is kept honest over the long term.

The native token of the ecosystem, the $HEART token, empowers users to participate in the governance of the platform and facilitates key flows of value within it. All fees charged within the platform will be paid in $HEART.

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