Humans AI cultivates new business opportunities with its technology

Technology has become the main engine that pushes innovation into the business landscape. Regardless of its scope and size, every business is built on a technology framework that acts as the backbone that dictates the culture, efficiency and relationships that businesses have with their customers as well as how they interact with each other. The bottom line is simple: the future belongs to companies who are quick to embrace new tech and explore new opportunities and methods of handling operations and delivering their products or services. is a tech company focused on delivering a new breed of artificial intelligence, one that is not developed in an opaque fashion behind closed doors with little to no visibility of its development cycle and inner workings. Adopting a human-centric approach, ranks among the pioneers who are working to merge the world of artificial intelligence with blockchain to put real humans behind every decision taken by AI, setting the stage for a new generation of tech products that will unlock new business momentum.

With its in-house synthetic media products, gives businesses and people control over AI to generate new video and audio content to enhance their productivity and extend the limits of what is possible in the realm of content creation for business or individual purposes.

The path leads humans to the AI-driven world

We are slowly transitioning to an AI-driven world, where artificial intelligence will become deeply ingrained in every facet of our lives. To support this evolution, is working on laying the foundation of Humans Scale, an AI Launchpad focused on blurring the boundaries between innovative ideas and the real world by enabling AI researchers and developers to expand their projects beyond the initial PoC stage, making them business ready.

To delve deeper into the topic at hand, we reached out to Dragos Bunescu, Head of Business at Humans AI, who agreed to share some insights on how the technology developed by can be applied in a business context to generate new value and opportunities.

Let me first say a couple of things about myself. I was raised and educated in business with the belief that experience is number one. Everything else follows after. So, I strongly believe in customer experience. This is the North Star for me in business in general because this is the most difficult thing to copy. Concerning, one of my objectives is to position the company as a technology developer, a technology inventor if you will, but from a product sense”, shared Dragos Bunescu.

Business development use cases scenarios

The technology developed by isn’t limited to serving a single use case or just a particular business field or industry. AI is a flexible technology that can have unlimited potential and applicability. The key is to connect with businesses to find what is the most efficient solution from a use case perspective. A one size fits all approach doesn’t suit the business sector.

As a state-of-the-art technology developer,’s business approach playbook bundles innovative technologies like AI NFTs enhanced with synthetic voices and realistic movements and blockchain which acts as a framework that hosts AI products and ensures their ethical development, monetization and governance.

Synthetic media is the first area of focus for The technology built by the Humans team is constantly getting enriched with new functionalities and features that add weight to the product, making it business ready and available as a Software as a Service offering.

The vision adopted by is one based on cooperation on a technological level. As such, the Humans Scale that is currently under development will focus on business and technology partnerships with startups and VCs, where Humans AI will leverage its expertise to help companies develop products that will help scale their businesses. Blockchain is the core foundation that will support the AI Launchpad, which will ensure smooth development and cooperation between members. Using blockchain as a backbone for the Launchpad ecosystem enables any company or startup to join. They aren’t required to build their product from the ground up in Scale.

On the contrary, self-financed companies that have all the necessary resources can adhere to Humans Scale to add an additional layer of AI and blockchain-flavoured set of functionalities and features to their products. For example, they can join if they want to tokenize their product or services. Businesses that opt instead to tap into all of the services of the Scale Launchpad and build their product there will benefit from all the technological resources that has on offer as well as guidance on how they should tailor their service or product to best suit their business model and target market.

This increased openness will help us to reach out and sell not only from our headquarters in Romania. I expect to add potential business development beyond our offices in Amsterdam and London. From an investment standpoint, Asia can provide a strong backup”, explains Bunescu when talking about the potential future expansion of the company.

The business benefits of Humans AI technology

Regardless of how cutting-edge technology is, its ultimate value is determined by the benefits it brings to the table from a commercial standpoint. The multifaceted technological package offered by Humans AI, composed of the blockchain-based AI ecosystem, AI NFTs, Scale launchpad, and synthetic media products offers an abundance of benefits that helps companies target specific pain points, and streamline existing products and services, or build new ones from the ground up.

AI for video content

From a synthetic media standpoint, the offering far exceeds conventional methods of content creation in terms of scalability. The term scalability is used from a production perspective, meaning that companies can produce new video content with AI, for example, at a much higher output than a conventional video recording, with the added benefit of reduced costs.

“A great example is eCommerce and product advertising, where the tendency is to turn everything into a video. An online retailer may want to make a video ad for their products, but when you have an inventory of a couple of a few hundred products, the costs involved escalate fast”, stated Bunescu.

Big-name brands aren’t looking just to streamline operations and cut costs. They are quick to adopt new approaches and technologies because they want to project a certain image. A business can decide to use’s technology to create content because it identifies with the state-of-the-art approach that AI and blockchain promote. Brands want to showcase that they are pioneers and that they are open to adopting innovation into their DNA, regardless of the fact that technology isn’t perfect yet. Businesses are aware that curiosity, on the client’s part, is what stimulates engagement.

In the business world, the old aphorism “time is money” is a given reality. If you manage to cut in half the time required to achieve something, it usually means that you have struck gold, and when it comes to synthetic media, does just that.

Our approach to video content doesn’t involve lights, cameras or any other specialized equipment, we just need text. Returning to the online retailer example, our solution automatically takes all the text from a retailer’s content management system (CMS) and brings it into the Humans Studio to generate a video of an avatar that recites the information. Instead of months of filming, you’re done in a few hours” outlined’s Head of Business.

AI for eCommerce

eCommerce is just the tip of the iceberg, as synthetic media can have a deep impact on a wide range of business domains and industries. The Covid-19 pandemic acted as a rude wake-up call that left many ripple effects that are still felt across many domains, one of them being training and consultancy. During the pandemic, a motivational speaker held an online course that was attended by roughly one million people from all over the world. This is just one example of countless events that have taken place in the last two years in a remote fashion at this scale.

The demand for this kind of service is evident, and’s technology can offer a solution. To scale and hold more courses, a speaker can generate a synthetic avatar that can be present in multiple locations at the same time. Also, the up-and-coming Metaverse will most likely become an ideal stage for this type of event. Again, work is still in progress in this area of technology, especially on the behavioral side.

You need to have a proper intonation and a rhythm. If you are dull, you are most likely to bore people and lose their attention. It’s one thing to watch a thirty-second video spot with a synthetic character and completely another story to watch a synthetic character speak for one or two hours. It’s in the making, it’s still a work in progress, but it’s definitely an industry that can use an AI product”, clarified Dragos Bunescu.

The reality is that a large segment of the population, and businesses, regardless of B2B or B2C, aren’t backed by legal advice simply because not everyone can afford to sign a contract with a law firm. So, most people and small business owners usually peruse the web in search of forums that discuss legal advice. With its ability to learn contract forms, laws and how to interpret them, AI can become an ideal legal companion that anyone can access and interact with.

AI for data analysis

For example, you are just about to sign a contract with a bank to buy yourself a house, but you aren’t quite sure that the contract in question is advantageous. In this scenario, you could upload the contract to an AI legal assistant that can analyze and point out potential faults or abuses and how you should go about renegotiating them. This is a potential use case that can be built with’s technology that pushes the applicability of AI beyond the scope of synthetic content creation and into the realm of data analysis. In this case, blockchain ads as a safety mechanism for the consumer by providing data security and traceability, meaning that it’s easy to verify. You know that your data is immutable and cannot be modified.

The applicability of AI from a business development perspective shows almost unlimited potential in multiple business models like Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C) as well as Business to Business to Consumer (B2B2C). Commenting on how should prepare to engage companies and startups and develop a wide range of business use cases, Dragos Bunescu underlined: “I firmly believe that as we develop and grow as a company, the team must expand and specialize. That is, there is clearly a need to expand with expertise beyond crypto, blockchain, and AI to give us a bird’s eye view of multiple domains and how to target them”.

Instead of conclusions

I don’t think we will sell only synthetic media. We are not allowed to do just that because we have expanded, and we will have more products. In the end, we will reach a point where we will not only sell the applications from our framework, but we will sell the framework as a product itself”, concluded the Head of Business of Humans AI.
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