HamburgetLogo CEO to share AI insights at Outlook on Resilience International Conference

We’re thrilled to announce that Sabin Dima, CEO & Founder at, will be taking the stage as a speaker at the prestigious “Outlook on Resilience International” conference. Organized by the Euro-Atlantic Resilience Center, Bucharest, this event promises to delve deep into the complex impact of AI on societal resilience.

Scheduled for 24 April 2024, the conference aims to explore the multifaceted role of AI as both a facilitator and disruptor across various domains, including defense, communications, education, ethics, and cyber. In the panel titled “Digital communications in the age of AI”, Sabin Dima will join esteemed experts to discuss the profound implications of AI integration into our daily lives.

Alongside industry luminaries such as Seizo Onoe, Director of the ITU Telecommunication Standardization Bureau, Ioan Demeter, Partner Mware Solutions SA, Major-General Madalin Mihai, Technical Deputy Director at Special Telecommunications Service, Ciprian Zamfirescu, Vodafone Romania and moderator Tim Winchcomb, Head of Technology Strategy​, Wireless and Digital Services at Cambridge Consultants, the’s CEO will share his insights on how AI technology is reshaping digital communications.

During the panel discussion, Sabin will emphasize the crucial need for ethical AI development and usage, highlighting how artificial intelligence has become an omnipresent force, underscoring the importance of implementing safeguards to ensure its ethical deployment and supervision by humans.

At, the development team has pioneered the Humans AI Ecosystem, a cutting-edge infrastructure that leverages blockchain technology to uphold ethical standards in AI. This groundbreaking initiative aims to propel humanity forward while enhancing our overall quality of life.

About Digital communication in the Age of AI panel

During the “Digital Communications in the Age of AI” panel, distinguished speakers will delve into the intricate landscape of digital communications amidst the AI-dominated era. With technologies such as 5G, virtual assistants, and big data at the forefront, interactions undergo a profound evolution, reshaping the way we communicate. This transformative impact extends to security measures, leveraging encryption and behavioral analysis to thwart emerging threats effectively. Furthermore, AI-driven self-optimizing networks demonstrate their prowess by dynamically adjusting to IoT-induced traffic surges, thereby enhancing overall efficiency.

At the heart of this transformation lie chatbots, crucial for customer service, skillfully managing inquiries and adjusting interactions to align with user needs. Moreover, AI contributes significantly to fraud detection and process automation, optimizing tasks amid escalating network demands. However, as telecommunications continues to evolve with AI integration, concerns regarding AI-driven decision-making and its potential implications on human access based on perceived suspicions have arisen.

Throughout the panel discussion, these multifaceted topics will be explored in depth, shedding light on how AI integration fortifies the telecommunications industry. Nevertheless, the importance of striking a delicate balance between optimization and ethical considerations will remain at the forefront of the conversation, ensuring that advancements in digital communications align with ethical standards and human values.

The Euro-Atlantic Resilience Center, headquartered in Bucharest, Romania, serves as a leading research body dedicated to advancing NATO and EU resilience targets.

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