HamburgetLogo celebrates 1 Year Anniversary 🚀

Revolutionary product launches and the much awaited Blockchain reveal

One year following the private token sale (the biggest investment round in the region) and official launch on the market, we’re excited to celebrate with all of you all the important milestones and to announce a series of revolutionary products and new innitiatives aiming to disrupt the Artificial Intelligence product development and adoption worldwide:

✅All about the Blockchain — The first Blockchain for AIs

We are thrilled to announce that the team is making huge progress on its upcoming blockchain infrastructure, a platform designed to act as the foundation for the AI of the future -the aptly named Humans blockchain.

The Humans blockchain is an AI-ready state-of-the-art infrastructure that improves significantly traditional blockchain models with powerful features like:

✅Humans Scale, a revolutionary launchpad empowering AI startups to go from web2 to web3 is launching Humans Scale, a complex launchpad focused on connecting innovative AI startups with real world use cases, by enabling AI researchers and developers to expand their projects from web2 to web3.

With its complex ecosystem that paves the road to the AI-driven world of tomorrow, controlled entirely by the community, aims to develop an AI-driven economy that supports the next generation AI companies.

Blockchain is the perfect medium for AI, as its inherent characteristics facilitate collaboration, transparency, and openness to projects that choose to build on top of it. But there is a catch — its intrinsic complexity makes it rather difficult to adopt. This is where Humans Scale comes in. We give AI startups the necessary technology to create artificial intelligence at scale and seamlessly transition from web2 to web3. Humans Scale is also a great opportunity for investors, as it ensures preferred access to high potential web3 AI startups.

✅Oveit — the first project to be listed on Humans Scale

Oveit, ticketing and cashless payments company headquartered in Austin TX, USA, is the first project to be listed on Humans Scale. Aiming to develop artificial intelligence powered NFTs for live stream shopping, the listing on Humans Scale is the next step forward, as part of the company’s strategy to move towards Web 3.0 and the Metaverse by incorporating experiential digital art in the form of AI NFTs.

Oveit’s live stream shopping platform Streams.Live has also revolutionized the retail process for its clients in Europe and the United States in the past year, by changing the buying behavior. Online merchants have been able to connect much more authentically and in an interactive way with their target audience, using live online video sessions that simulate a personal experience.

Continuing to disrupt the live stream shopping experience, Oveit, which has become well known for its cashless payment solutions for events and venues, as well as solutions for access control and registration for virtual and live events, is developing new products to help its users stay connected by bridging online and in-person events with collectible tokens and creating experiential art with events tickets as AI NFTs, with the support of’s innovative technology.

✅Presenting Talkens — A collection of 10.000 unique synthetic voices

Talkens, the first AI experiment focused on giving life to non-fungible tokens, uses the technology developed by to take image-based storytelling to new heights with the design of its Talkens AI NFT collection. Sketched using innovative technologies, complex 3D modelling and rendering techniques, every Talkens AI NFT has its own personality, unique look and story to tell. This is the story behind the design of the Talkens AI NFT collection.

Composed of 10 000 NFTs, each Talken is unique in two ways. Each encapsulates a unique digital DNA inside, a synthetic voice, that can be used to bring standard digital assets, NFTs, to life, by animating them and giving them a voice, transforming static assets into a new type of smart and dynamic asset that can work for their owner, acting at the same time as the voice of the web3 generation.

🙏We would like to thank all of our partners, investors and community members and friends for standing alongside with us and for joining the team in celebrating these amazing milestones.

We are just getting started! 🚀🚀🚀

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