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With a bold vision to create a “Blockchain of AIs,” is redefining how artificial intelligence is executed and managed on blockchain platforms, providing a framework built on trust and transparency. It’s been a while since our Mainnet has been operational and functioning. During this time, the Technical Team has continued to develop functionalities and features to manage the integration of AIs with the blockchain infrastructure, enabling secure, transparent, and efficient governance based on rewards for the community.

👉The Blockchain of AIs: How it Works

The blockchain isn’t just another blockchain project; it’s a decisive step towards a future where artificial intelligence and blockchain technology collaborate seamlessly. The initial vision was to construct a “Blockchain of AIs,” a framework designed to provide trust and transparency for executing AIs in a safe, trustless, and transparent medium.

Key Features of Blockchain:

The Blockchain of AIs is a domain-specific blockchain engineered to host, train, and execute Artificial Intelligence models and networks.’s innovative approach to technology sets the foundation for the first layer of blockchain for AIs designed to support and complete the feedback loop between AI researchers, creators, developers, and end-users. At its core, the Humans Mainnet is a sovereign chain supported by a carefully curated selection of 50 validators chosen from over 1000 applicants. has taken up the challenge to change the face of artificial intelligence by placing a human behind every AI and allowing everyone to access, monitor, and control the AI of the future. To achieve its goal, has decided to build its blockchain network tailored to act as a multifaceted ecosystem that will support the creation and management of artificial intelligence.

The Humans Synapse Bridge is more than just a blockchain bridge. It’s a game-changer as it tackles the issue of interoperability head-on. This decentralized cross-rollup bridge is meticulously designed to facilitate the transfer of ERC20 $HEART tokens from the Ethereum blockchain to native $HEART tokens on the Humans Blockchain and vice versa. To take advantage of this innovative bridge, users must connect their Metamask wallets to both the Humans and Ethereum blockchains, covering both the sender and destination addresses.

Unlike centralized bridges that require users to trust a central entity, the Humans Synapse Bridge leverages smart contracts and validators to manage and approve token transfers. This decentralized approach enhances security and mitigates vulnerabilities, providing users with more control over their cryptocurrency.

Additionally, the Humans Synapse enables users to utilize their Metamask address on the Humans Blockchain. This feature empowers users to manage native tokens effortlessly and execute swaps through interchain accounts, further enhancing usability and control.

The Humans Blockchain will rely on Cosmos SDK, an innovative framework that answers one of the most pressing issues faced by blockchain technology, the lack of interoperability. By using Cosmos SDK as a foundation, the Humans Blockchain will connect with all other blockchains present in the Cosmos ecosystem. The team behind decided to solve some acute issues related to the governance, execution, and monetization of AIs, and Cosmos SDK provided the ideal starting point to address these questions.

As a direct result of this powerful technological feature, developers and organizations can now leverage established principles, tools, security measures, and libraries from the Ethereum ecosystem to engage with AI. One of the features enabled by the compatibility between and Ethereum is the Humans Synapse Bridge, a two-way conduit for transferring value and executing transactions across EVM-compatible chains.

Our mission to democratize artificial intelligence and enhance collaboration and cooperation during its development is made possible through a sophisticated set of smart contracts and custom Cosmos SDK modules, which ensure seamless interoperability with any existing Cosmos blockchain. The system enables flash bots or AIs to natively and directly interact with other Cosmos chains via the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC). is using IBC to address the challenge of enabling communication between various blockchains, introducing a trustless framework for securely exchanging data, messages, and tokens. Our integration with IBC Relayers facilitates the transfer of both data and digital assets among the diverse blockchains inhabiting the expansive Cosmos ecosystem.

As a member of the Cosmos ecosystem, the Blockchain seamlessly utilizes native IBC relayers to facilitate the smooth transfer of tokens. This strategic utilization underscores the commitment of to employ the latest technologies to achieve interoperability, interconnectedness, and asset mobility.

Staking is designed to be a native component of the chain. Compared to other blockchains, transaction fees in the Humans Blockchain are designed to be very small, almost negligible, and will be paid in the governing currency of the platform, the $HEART token. Another advantage is related to the speed at which transactions take place.

By design, governance proposals act as a formalized mechanism through which stakeholders can suggest, discuss, and vote on changes or updates to the blockchain’s protocol, parameters, or other critical aspects. Our objective for’s live Blockchain is to ensure a collaborative and inclusive approach to network management, where decisions are not dictated by a central authority but are collectively determined by the community.

By setting a minimum staked token threshold, the governance proposal mechanism incentivizes validators to actively participate in the decision-making process. This ensures that proposals are subjected to a thorough and meaningful evaluation by the network.

This commitment manifests through the strategic delegation of a proportion of our token holdings to validators who share a mutual commitment to the enduring vitality and expansion of the Humans network.

A primary focus is to enhance network security by decentralizing the validator set, ensuring resistance to censorship while upholding a consensus security spirit within the blockchain. Another objective is acknowledging and commending validators for their sustained and impactful contributions to the network.

The Foundation appreciates the substantial efforts of these validators and seeks to institute an inclusive reward system. In pursuit of these goals, the Foundation Delegation Program will identify and delegate responsibilities to a carefully chosen group of up to 35 validators recognized for their significant contributions to the network.


The launch of Blockchain signifies a groundbreaking moment in the convergence of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. With a visionary approach and a robust set of features, is determined to shape the future of AI control, providing a trustworthy and transparent framework for the global AI community. As we embrace this technological frontier, stands at the forefront, pioneering a new era of innovation and collaboration.

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