HamburgetLogo and Salesforce collaborate towards building use cases for the automation of synthetic… and Salesforce collaborate towards building use cases for the automation of synthetic media production for the CRM industry and its SaaS synthetic video production platform are working together with global CRM leader Salesforce and several other customer relationship management and software providers to develop joint special projects for the automation of high quality video production at scale, using the company’s innovative AI and synthetic media technologies.

Following detailed discussions, the technology team is examining the companies’ requirements, choosing the most important industry needs to focus on, and creating the necessary proof of concept to solve these requirements.

The proof of concept applications benefiting from synthetic media and AI technologies provided by for the CRM industry will consist of special projects such as automated video sales flows, e-commerce cloud integrations that turn product web pages automatically into synthetic videos, unique e-commerce NFT development and many more.

One of the most well-known potential partners for the development of the POC (proof of concept) use cases is Salesforce, the world’s number one customer relationship management platform which provides customer relationship management (CRM) software and applications focused on sales, customer service, marketing automation, analytics, and application development.

“We look forward to advancing discussions with some of the world’s greatest CRM companies, such as Salesforce, who are leading the way with marketing automation to streamline processes for sales and marketing organizations by replacing time consuming, manual activities with automated solutions. This is very much in line with what we are doing with Humans and, as we can empower companies to transform text product pages into channel-optimized video clips and ads, helping them increase brand engagement and conversion rates more effectively with advanced synthetic media production technology.”, said Sabin Dima, CEO at
“The ways synthetic media itself is being adopted by brands are developing in line with the technology and emergent applications, such as, which helps transform any page into a video. We believe content editing and creation with AI are fundamentally changing many industries. In 2022, synthetic media will continue to spread across more fields, from marketing and sales to business and education. Users and customers don’t want static content or text-driven interactions anymore. They want an immersive experience. The ability to provide new layers of communication in a world of changing technology will soon become vital for companies in this industry.”, explained Bart Veenman, CEO at

Salesforce helps bring companies and customers together, by uniting marketing, sales, commerce, service, and IT teams from anywhere with Customer 360 — one integrated CRM platform that powers its entire suite of connected apps. With Customer 360, companies can focus their employees on what’s important: stabilizing the business, reopening, and getting back to delivering exceptional customer experiences.

About is developing the first framework for ethical AI and blockchain. It is creating an all-in-one platform for AI-based creation and governance at scale, beginning with an initial focus on synthetic media. The team at is building the next-generation blockchain platform that brings together an ecosystem of stakeholders around the use of AI to create at scale. It combines a library of AI tools into a creative studio suite where users will be able to pick and choose as they bring their ideas to life. Individuals are empowered to create and own their digital likenesses, which may be used by themselves and others in the creation of any number of digital assets. The synthetic media, AI apps, and other digital assets utilize blockchain technology to generate Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) as a way of creating transparency, provenance, accountability, and long-term governance.’s SaaS synthetic video production platform allows transforming anything into video through a SaaS platform that produces high-quality video content at scale using AI & Synthetic Media. From an e-commerce product page to a newsletter, everything can be a video.

About Salesforce

Salesforce is the world’s leading cloud-based software provider. It delivers services to more than 150,000 businesses globally. Salesforce empowers companies of every size and industry to digitally transform and create a 360° view of their customers.

The company first went public in 2004. Since then, Salesforce has consistently grown revenue each year. In 2021, annual revenue stands at $21.25 billion, a 221.3x increase since 2004.

For more information about Salesforce (NYSE: CRM), visit:’s CEO presents at the EAPC 2024 Event in Berlin: “AI: Enrichment or Risk?”’s CEO presents at the EAPC 2024 Event in Berlin: “AI: Enrichment or Risk?” On May 16, 2024, in Berlin, people cultivated in politics, elections, and artificial intelligence (AI) will come together for an...
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