How synthetic media scales human potential

Synthetic media is experiencing a surge in popularity, and for a good reason. The complex AI technology behind this application allows basically everyone, with just a few clicks, to bring their imagination to life and create amazing works of art without needing to know how to hold a paintbrush in their hand or how to work with complicated photo and video editing software.

But that is only the tip of the iceberg, as you can do a lot more interesting things with synthetic media than edit photos. What if we tell you that you can use synthetic media to create a digital version of yourself, an AI avatar that can be anywhere, at any time? A version of yourself that uses your actual voice to speak fluently any language of the world.

We create a digital version of yourself

This is exactly what Humans AI is doing with its technology. It enables every human being to become a better version of themselves, scale their potential and achieve their dreams through the power of artificial intelligence.

But usually, when a technology has the potential to do so much good, it can also be used in a negative and disruptive way. In a documentary focused on exposing the mental and physical abuse of women through deepfake technology, Dutch journalist, Welmoed Sijtsma engaged in a discussion with Humans AI’s Chief Commercial Officer, Bart Veenman, who shared his vision on the potential of synthetic media as well as how his company is working to create and implement it ethically.

The technology has more positive than negative use cases. It will scale all our potential. Here is a glimpse of what we do at Humans AI and how we enable every human being to become a better version of themselves and to achieve their dreams!” (Bart Veenman).

Creating the digital DNA

During the documentary, Welmoed Sijtsma experienced Humans AI’s technology firsthand, as she had her voice and face cloned and transformed into her unique digital DNA. While discussing the potential of this technology, the journalist inquired about how it works and what are its limits.

“So, in case I, for example, have ambitions to present the Chinese weather forecast. Normally I have to learn Chinese and do a lot of other things.”. Bart highlighted that the technology developed by Humans AI is designed to do all the heavy lifting, requiring only minimal input from the user “In our case, we put you in the computer, and we train you with Artificial Intelligence. After that, we can let you speak Chinese with only textual input. (…) . That is your digital identity, which you can use whenever and wherever you want.”

While waiting for the video to render, the host of the documentary raised a thorny issue that has shadowed synthetic media since its early days, namely, how companies ensure that the user remains in charge of their identity. Bart explained that Humans AI’s approach is to bring all the data to the blockchain, a framework that enables users to monitor and fully manage and control how their data is being used. “The data is spread over multiple servers, so it is not stored in one place, and you increase the barrier for a breach and prevent your data from getting stolen. You remain in charge of your own data. By data, we mean your recorded videos. And subsequently, you always have to approve the use of your data” elaborated Bart.

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