The Kaufland Voice: used its AI Platform to create a brand identity voice

In a momentous collaboration,, an avant-garde deep tech firm specializing in AI solutions, has teamed up with the renowned global retailer Kaufland to pioneer a new chapter in brand identity. Together, they’ve unveiled the Kaufland Voice— an advanced synthetic voice that harmonizes the voices of hundreds of Kaufland Romania employees, marking a pioneering stride in brand representation. champions the idea that AI solutions can stimulate organizational growth and individual empowerment. In its collaboration with Kaufland, the tech company has leveraged its cutting-edge proprietary AI technology to craft the distinct Kaufland Voice. Through their exclusive AI algorithms and custom voice cloning techniques, processed extensive voice recordings from numerous Kaufland Romania employees. This innovative approach amalgamated these diverse voices using several proprietary AI models, culminating in the birth of a newly created digital voice. This remarkable synthetic voice can be activated with the push of a button, requiring only text input to come alive.

Commenting on the collaboration with Kaufland Romania, Bart Veenman, Chief Commercial Officer at highlighted the following:

“As we all know Kaufland Romania, and in particular the Employer Branding team, we have experienced them as being frontrunners on innovative projects. During our process this year, the Voice of Kaufland is one of the AI projects that we are building together, in which the core identity of inclusivity and diversity couldn’t be more tangible than it is now. We have trained a single unique voice out of the employees’ voices, in an androgyne way, which represents all employees, no matter their gender or background. This is unique and gives the people of Kaufland a real common voice, recognition, and involvement. This ‘synthetic voice’ is now a new brand asset for the Employer Branding team and enables them to use the voice in all communications, from individual messaging to commercials and more. Next step? To enable conversational AI with this brand voice!”

The Voice of the Community provided the sonic blueprint for the Kaufland Voice

Set atop the Humans Blockchain, The Voice of the Community is poised to reshape the dynamics of brand identity within the Web 3 landscape. With a hands-on AI approach, this cutting-edge creation adopts a gamified essence, showcasing the transformative might of voice cloning in the digital era.

In essence, The Voice of the Community empowers individuals to forge an unparalleled synthetic voice, a harmonious blend of diverse vocal contributions from community members. It harnesses the prowess of cutting-edge AI technologies like Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, ushering in a new wave of creative possibilities. strives to infuse its community with awe-inspiring tales spun by AI voices, unlocking the boundless potential across diverse applications. This technology not only promises transformative narratives but also aims to elevate society at a macro level. By anchoring AI voice assets onto the blockchain, pioneers the Web 3 narrative, illuminating the path towards a decentralized future.

Gone are the days when brand identity was solely associated with logos, colors, and slogans. Today, the voice, which once belonged to exclusive celebrities or renowned figures, is democratized and reimagined through the power of synthetic voices. This technology allows companies to create a distinct vocal identity that can articulate their messages, humanize their interactions, and transcend cultural and linguistic barriers.

The collaboration between and Kaufland demonstrates that voices are more than a means of communication. Synthetic voices like this personify a brand’s ethos, forging a distinctive identity in the auditory landscape. As businesses navigate the ever-evolving digital sphere, harnessing the potential of synthetic voices will undoubtedly remain at the forefront of reshaping brand identity in the years to come.
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