Exploring Generative AI at 3Dutech event: presents this technology to the younger generation

This Friday, 19th of April, marks an exciting occasion for both enthusiasts and professionals in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence as Dragos Costea, the Head of Computer Vision at, steps onto the stage as a speaker at 3Dutech. Scheduled to deliver insights into the fascinating world of Generative AI, Costea’s presence promises to illuminate the minds of young individuals and educators alike., an esteemed platform dedicated to fostering innovation and technological advancements for high school students, serves as the ideal backdrop for our expert discourse. With a focus on nurturing young talents and providing educators with the tools to navigate the evolving landscape of technology, 3Dutech stands as a beacon of progress in the industry.

Costea’s expertise in Computer Vision, coupled with his position as an AI expert at, positions him as a frontrunner in the field. His deep understanding of Generative AI, a pioneering technology that empowers machines to create content autonomously, promises to offer invaluable insights to the audience.

Generative AI represents a paradigm shift in the way we interact with technology. By enabling machines to generate realistic and creative content, ranging from images to text, Generative AI opens doors to endless possibilities. From assisting artists in their creative endeavors to revolutionizing content generation in various industries, the implications of this technology are far-reaching.

At 3Dutech,’s specialist will delve into the intricacies of Generative AI, shedding light on its underlying principles and applications. His presentation will not only explore the technical aspects but will also address the societal implications and ethical considerations associated with this emerging technology.

Furthermore, Costea’s engagement with young minds and educators underscores the importance of knowledge dissemination in shaping the future of technology. By inspiring the next generation of innovators and equipping educators with the necessary tools,’s contribution extends beyond the confines of the conference hall.

For those eager to gain a deeper understanding of Generative AI and its potential to redefine the technological landscape, Dragos Costea’s session at 3Dutech is a must-attend event.

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