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Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) stands at the pinnacle of technological achievement, representing the holy grail of AI research. Unlike its narrow AI counterparts, which excel at specific tasks within predefined parameters, AGI aims for human-level cognition, capable of understanding and solving a broad spectrum of tasks with levels of versatility and adaptability on par with human intelligence. But even with the advancements made in recent years in the field of artificial intelligence, AGI remains a distant proposition.

In the quest to unravel the mysteries surrounding Artificial General Intelligence, Nicu Sebe, professor in Computer Science at the University of Trento, Italy, and Head of AI at, sheds light on the crucial need for a clearer definition of AGI and the steps required to bring this transformative technology to fruition.

As the Computer Science expert aptly points out, the journey toward AGI is filled with challenges that demand careful consideration and definition. AGI’s scope necessitates a more coherent description of its boundaries to ensure it remains within the desired range of capabilities.

AGI becoming a reality

Concerning the capabilities attributed to this technology, the professor emphasizes that AGI should have the ability to tackle unfamiliar tasks and find solutions autonomously, mirroring the cognitive skills of human beings. However, without a well-defined perimeter, the risks of AGI straying into uncharted territories become very important, potentially leading to unintended consequences and ethical dilemmas.

Despite the tempting glimpses of AGI’s capabilities in certain domains, such as Zero-Shot Learning, a technique that enables AI models to classify novel objects or situations without prior training,’s Head of AI acknowledges that we are still a considerable distance away from realizing AGI’s full potential. The challenge lies not only in achieving technological breakthroughs but also in addressing fundamental issues such as avoiding hallucinations, where AGI generates irrational outputs due to lack of understanding or context.

AGI as a support for human intelligence

Looking ahead, Professor Nicu Sebe envisions AGI not as a distant dream but as an inevitable reality. However, he stresses the importance of societal readiness, urging preparations encompassing technological, ethical, and educational dimensions. The European Commission’s AI Act, though debatable to some, represents a crucial step towards fostering responsible AI development. Nicu Sebe advocates for a symbiotic relationship between AI and humanity, where AGI serves and supports human intelligence rather than a replacement. This vision entails reimagining education, embracing new job opportunities, and ensuring equitable access to the benefits of AI for all.

AGI holds the potential to change everything

As we stand on the cliff of AGI’s emergence, we must navigate this transformative journey with foresight and caution. AGI holds the potential to revolutionize industries, create new opportunities, and enhance human capabilities. However, its realization demands collective effort and foresight to ensure that the benefits of AGI are equitably distributed and the risks are mitigated effectively.

In conclusion, AGI represents both a beacon of technological progress and a call to action for society to prepare for the profound changes it will bring. By embracing a future where AGI and humanity coexist harmoniously, we can unlock unprecedented possibilities and chart a path toward a brighter tomorrow.

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Expert Insights on AGI from
Expert Insights on AGI from Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) stands at the pinnacle of technological achievement, representing the holy grail of AI research. Unlike its...