Executing AIs on the Humans Blockchain

The Humans Blockchain of AIs is a domain-specific blockchain engineered to host, train and execute Artificial Intelligence models and networks represented as AI NFTs.’s innovative approach to technology sets the foundation for the first layer one blockchain for AIs designed to support and complete the feedback loop between AI researchers, creators, developers and end-users. At its core, the Humans Mainnet is a sovereign chain supported by a carefully curated selection of 50 validators, carefully chosen from over 1000 applicants.’s mission is to democratize AI and streamline collaboration and cooperation during its development cycle through a sophisticated set of smart contracts and custom Cosmos SDK modules, which ensure seamless interoperability with any existing Cosmos blockchain. Leveraging the Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol, the Humans Blockchain natively and directly interacts with other blockchains from the Cosmos ecosystem. This blend of technologies allows direct interaction with AI NFTs on the Humans Blockchain from different zones of the Cosmos ecosystem, a feat never previously accomplished.

To push the limits of technology even further, the team behind the Blockchain for AIs integrated the Humans Mainnet with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), expanding interoperability by facilitating the transfer of value and execution of AI NFTs across EVM-compatible chains. As a result, developers and organizations can now leverage established principles, tools, security measures, and libraries from the Ethereum ecosystem to engage with AI Non-Fungible Tokens, create their own tokens, and define custom logic. The prototype of this technology was successfully conducted with Hedera, an EVM-compatible chain, where introduced its trademark, AI NFTs.

Klon, the interoperable AI NFT will be on the Humans Blockchain

Klon represents a landmark in artificial intelligence and blockchain technology as it is the first digital asset of its kind, an AI NFT prototyped by and Hedera. The Klon AI NFT is a video generation tool that uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology to empower users to create professional text-to-voice content with realistic avatars.

As innovative as AI is, the technology tends to be complex and difficult to understand and use. To circumvent these problems, interacting with and executing AI assets in the Humans Mainnet follows a standardized approach that streamlines the user experience. aims to make artificial intelligence accessible to every human. The first step towards achieving this goal is ensuring that anyone can access and execute AI NFTs irrespective of their tech skills.

To demonstrate how to execute an AI NFT, we will use Klon as an example. Hedera is an EVM-compatible blockchain which means that it can execute AI NFTs. You need to connect with your Metamask or Keplr wallet to do this. Make sure you have the necessary $HEART or HBAR to perform the transaction, and you’re all set. You can execute the Klon AI NFT that resides inside the Humans Mainnet from the Hedera chain to generate videos of a digital avatar.

Executing an AI NFT from an EVM-compatible chain is recorded as two Ethereum transactions. The first transaction is a token service from Hedera to the Humans Blockchain, and the second one is the payment of the fee. From a bird’s eye perspective, the execution of an AI NFT is similar to an end-to-end transaction recorded on the Humans Blockchain.

“Klon acts as a prime example that demonstrates the capabilities of our technology and how it manages to facilitate interoperability between different blockchains. When a user executes an AI NFT on the Hedera side, a Humans node first validates that the payment has been received. If everything checks out, the system will execute the AI NFT on the Humans Blockchain and start generating a data product, which in our example is a digital avatar, saying “Hello Humans” showcases Vali Malinoiu, Head of Blockchain at

Introducing AI Library

AI Library is an environment similar to a marketplace where users can purchase AI models to use in their projects. Besides the algorithms added by AI researchers, the AI Library contains several standardized and ready-to-use AI implementations created by the team. The AI Library is a giant repository through which users can see and interact with the AI NFTs stored inside the Humans Mainnet.

From a technical point of view, the AI Library is a decentralized application designed to allow anyone to see all the AI NFTs present on the Humans Mainnet and interact with them at a semi-technical level by pushing requests to AI NFTs. Inside the AI Library, users can test AI models and see the functionality of each AI NFT and their respective cost. In a more general sense, the AI Library is a huge marketplace for AI models and tools. The AI Library represents a point of interest for DApp developers who can explore and combine all the AI tools and models to combine them in unique ways to create new decentralized applications that will allow them to build end-to-end products.

Klon was also built using AI NFTs from the AI Library. Klon is a DApp that leverages two AI NFTs: one for generating speech from text and another one for synchronizing the voice to the face of the digital avatar.

Start: developing AI models for the future

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