Custom AI avatars created with tech challenges the current perception of how video content is created by enabling a higher degree of freedom and flexibility when creating synthetic avatars. By leveraging complex artificial intelligence neural networks and blockchain, enables anyone to produce high-quality video content at scale regardless of their tech prowess.

With its cutting-edge technologies like AI NFTs that encapsulate the Digital DNA of real people, empowers anyone to create digital avatars with realistic lip synchronization and AI-generated voices, alongside other powerful AI models that facilitate content scraping and automatic language translation, which enables synthetic avatars to speak in any language of the world.’s mission is to help people to create a custom AI Avatar of themselves. What proposes is a streamlined approach to video creation, enabling anyone, regardless of their technical or video editing background, to enter in the AIverse with its digital self.

What is an AI avatar?

A synthetic or AI avatar, is a digital photo realistic representation of a human created using state-of-the-art AI neural networks, machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision techniques. Resting at the intersection of these cutting-edge subfields of artificial intelligence, synthetic avatars are one to one high fidelity copies of real human beings, our digital twins, so to speak, that challenge our perception of how video content can be generated.

How to create an AI avatar with Humans?

The process of creating your synthetic avatar is straightforward. You need to provide a high-fidelity video recording of yourself that will act as a starting point from which the AI neural networks will begin to create the synthetic avatar. Keep in mind that the video recording needs to be made in a calm and quiet place, as background audio can interfere and lead to a poor-quality avatar. Also, the background of the video needs to be static.

Good lighting is also essential for generating the best possible results. To achieve this, recommends using a three-point lighting system, which means that the subject in the video is illuminated by light sources from three distinct positions. The framing of the video needs to be set at the mid-torso in a way that captures the entire head. Slight movements of the head and other gestures are acceptable as they will make your avatar look more natural, but they shouldn’t be too exaggerated. You should also avoid wearing accessories like drop earrings that may confuse the AI.

How you deliver the audio lines in the video also helps shape your synthetic avatar to a certain degree. So, a positive and friendly attitude helps. We need two video takes to start working on the avatar, one in a normal voice and another with a clenched jaw for the template.

Benefits of using Humans synthetic avatar technology

· Personalized AI avatars – enables anyone to create a digital twin of themselves. Companies can use the synthetic avatar of an actor or one of their employees to become their brand’s ambassador.

·  Speed – the technology developed by condenses what used to require days or weeks of filming to a matter of minutes.

· Multilingual solution – the AI avatars created with the Humans platform can speak every language of the world.

· High levels of customization – everything from backgrounds to sound effects can be customized to create unique content.

· Streamlined user experience – the solution developed by Humans doesn’t require any technical knowledge. All the tools that you need are bundled inside the Humans platform.

AI avatars, the next stars of video content

Through, anybody can create, own and use an AI avatar. Users can make requests to create their own digital avatars. The process is designed to be straightforward. By reading a few sentences designed to ensure that all the necessary lip movements are covered, trains a digital model that accurately transposes the real-life person into a digital representation.

Blockchain acts like an integral component of the ecosystem, as a framework that solves multiple problems related to the consensus on how AI avatars can be used by third parties while also providing a fair rewarding mechanism, ownership and governance.

A set of templates for backgrounds and video formats is available on the Humans platform. Users wouldn’t be restricted only to the preset templates, as they will be able to edit the background, change the position of the digital avatar, add pictures, and alter the scene however they like. In addition, users also will have control over the facial expressions of the digital avatar, as they will choose from a range of facial expressions like neutral, happy, or sad. An important aspect to note is that users own the video content they will create using Humans tech.

AI avatars made available for everyone

The AI avatar solution developed by helps anyone scale their potential by creating a digital version of themselves that transcends the physical limits of people.

Another way is to use a pre-existed AI avatar from the platform. After selecting your preferred pre-existed synthetic avatar and the language, you’re all set, an option already existing in the Hedera network with the Klon project - the tool which allows users to generate professional-looking videos with just a few clicks.

With these two options, for example, companies can use the technology developed by to create AI avatars that can act as brand ambassadors who can do anything from advertising products to helping HR with the induction of new employees and training.

Generating video content on the Humans platform is designed to be as streamlined as possible. To create an advertisement for their products, companies will only need to add a link to their product page into the Humans platform, which will automatically begin to extract all the information and generate a video of a synthetic avatar who will present all the information.

With its ability to generate videos from text, paves the way for a new paradigm of video content creation, one that drastically distances itself from the traditional approach that relies on expensive video shoots that require a team of trained professionals, expensive filming equipment, and long hours of filming and editing. To create new content, you need to add text input and the AI avatars developed by Humans will convert text into speech.

Augmenting your digital self with custom AI avatars

The technology is a unique blend of artificial intelligence and blockchain and is part of a larger ecosystem designed to support the ethical development of artificial intelligence called the Humans AIverse.

With these functionalities, created a gateway through which people can create digital representations of themselves, capable to speaks any language. takes things one step further by generating a fully animated digital avatar with realistic lip synchronization for each language, making it a powerful tool that transcends language barriers.

An interesting feature that augments the functionality of is the fact that it uses AI algorithms to automatically translate a text input into a different language chosen by the user. For example, if you have an original text on a website, let’s say English, but you’re also operating in Denmark, France, or Japan, the solution developed by has an intermediary step that translates through AI the text into the desired language, which is later transformed into speech.

And that’s only the beginning. If you need a synthetic avatar, is here to help.

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