Blockchain x AI investment is the next big thing in the evolution of VCs

Great chance for investors: access to high potential web3 AI Startups

With crypto in venture capitalism, we get to live in a new paradigm of this generation of investors: blockchain VCs are the next big thing in the business world.

We can say that blockchain VCs not only have the same pedigree as regular VCs, but they also embrace the heritage of their craft by adopting and supporting new and innovative technology, which paves the way for the new web3 era. Joining blockchain investment comes as a natural step in the evolution of VCs, as the technology in question and the digital assets that are built on top of it significantly diminish the risks associated with traditional VC investing, all while facilitating a higher degree of transparency and participation in the company’s evolution.

We are steadily advancing towards a decentralized internet — web3 — in which people will be free to exchange money and information without the need for an unnecessary middleman. Humans AI is accelerating the impossible with a program driven by the mission to grant every human access to breakthrough web3 AI Technologies developed by incredible individuals, startups and research centres.

AI is the most powerful instrument that humans have at their disposal, as it can answer the needs of a plethora of industries like healthcare, retail, and finance. The list of possible applications for AI is inexhaustible. But innovation comes at a high cost, and each AI project has its own unique requirements and prerequisites. This is where crypto VCs — via Humans’ AI Launchpad — can take a stance and act as agents that support and mentor the development of the AI of the future.

The Humans Scale, the launchpad with a mission, is the place where all the pieces and actors fall in, where people get together to work like a DAO that propels AI projects from web2 to web3. The AI-driven world owned by the DAO was designed to be automated and decentralized. It acts as a form of venture capital fund, based on open-source code and without a typical management structure or board of directors.

Blockchain VCs vs normal VCs

· Blockchain enables crypto VCs to have transparency and a direct line of communication with a company’s founders.

· Crypto VCs come in direct contact with some of the most innovative tech startups present on the market.

· Investing in a blockchain-backed ecosystem enables crypto VCs to make the most of early-stage opportunities without taking on an overwhelming risk burden.

· Traditional VC is characterized by high risk, and high reward, but if a startup raises funds via the blockchain, investors have the option to provide liquidity via tokenized staking which grants more protection for their investment.

· Blockchain and DAOs, by extension, offer crypto VCs to be more than chequebooks, enabling them to contribute to and be heard within a project’s community by voting on proposed project changes.

· DAOs act as a reasonable-risk environment for crypto VCs.


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