AI Factories: A Glimpse into the Future of AI with -ClusterPower collaboration and ClusterPower journey to Las Vegas, the Entertainment Capital of the World, to take the stage at the NetApp INSIGHT event and showcase how they are leveraging their technologies to change the face of artificial intelligence forever.

The presentation called “AI Factories” was kickstarted by Vladimir Ester, Chief Technology Officer at ClusterPower, who showcased how their approach to technology “allows AI companies to benefit from a robust, flexible, versatile and scalable infrastructure, capable of providing hyperscale, exaflop capacities. From basic applications to HPC and AI, the computing, acceleration, storage, and networking we use ensures an advanced and sustainable infrastructure to unleash the full potential of our computing power.”

Before inviting’s CCO, Bart Veenman, on stage, CluterPower’s CTO stressed the fact that “the success of tomorrow needs action today. Whoever models and trains their LLM faster, whoever proves their business model’s scalability and raises their next investment, accelerates growth, and goes to market and gets market share, those AI companies will be the victors”.

Our partner, ClusterPower helps companies accelerate their journey with dedicated state-of-the-art infrastructure, tailored projects, and flexible financing models. The partnership between the two companies is a testament to their dedication to fostering economic growth, societal development, and knowledge democratization through AI.”

Not one to mince words,’s Chief Commercial Officer stated that even if the market is being overloaded by AI tools nowadays, remains steadfast in its mission of building bridges between people and AI, believing that we should embrace the full opportunity to enable us, the people to make the most out of this technology and make AI work for humans.

Veenman further elaborated on what it takes to become a leader in AI, indicating that first and foremost, companies need to understand what it takes to work with AI. After which companies need to adopt it in their organization and outside. But this initial step is just scratching the surface, as becoming a leader in AI requires more than creating and mastering AI tools. For developing and deploying working AI solutions, companies need to tap into a wider framework of core components, using trainers, code, hardware, developers, data, and users, of course. With the right technological framework and infrastructure, companies can set the foundation for their AI core. launched the First Decentralized Ecosystem

Keep in mind that AI is a broad umbrella term. It is widely spread, and fully understanding all its capabilities is challenging for many organizations and for the people working there. To address this, has developed EVA, the most thorough AI platform that opens a path towards Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), by enabling open collaboration, uniting scientists, researchers, developers, and product owners.’s decentralized AI ecosystem enables companies to develop AI at scale by giving them access to a state-of-the-art framework focused on building trust toward AI and increasing the pace of innovation. All of this is, of course, made possible by’s collaboration with Clusterpower, the AI infrastructure as a service provider powered by NVIDIA state-of-the-art technology.

“We enable every organization to develop its own narrow AI applications for solving your challenges with human-like interaction with data, specialized understanding, and advanced conversational dynamics,” explained Bart Veenman.

We Humanize artificial intelligence

Bart Veenam (left) interviewed at NetApp INSIGHT Las Vegas’s Chief Commercial Officer went on to outline how combines the power of Large Language Models (LLM) and synthetic media to give AI an identity in the form of a digital avatar, a voice, and the ability to speak any language of the world. All this technology bundle is accessible through a single device that can fit inside your pocket and from all social media channels, which simplifies how organizations can connect with their audiences.

The advantage of’s approach to technology is that “we tailor the infrastructure to your needs. No matter how big or small your organization is, we have a solution for you all to develop your own AI. And if you need something different? We are flexible and adapt to your needs.” highlighted Bart while talking about who can benefit from’s technology offering.

To make AI even more secure and its activities, actions, and decisions traceable, we combine the data infrastructure with our Humans Blockchain for AIs — making AI processes ethically responsible, transparent, and traceable.

As the event was nearing its conclusion, Veenman shifted the discussion to one of’s biggest tech breakthroughs, the creation of ION, the world’s first AI counselor developed for the Romanian government.

At its core, ION is the result of combining multiple data sources, AI tools, LLM models, and a physical robot, which acts as a bridge between society and the government. Through ION, people directly communicate with the parliament, but it also helps decision-makers interact with the real opinions of the people. ION proves that artificial intelligence can create incredible interactions and engagement in key areas and industries.

When his time on stage ended,’s Chief Commercial Officer concluded with an open-ended question and an answer for companies and organizations that wish to tap into AI’s unlimited potential: “What is your required use case? Enable it yourself with the strong collaboration of’s technology and the speed and efficiency of the data framework of Clusterpower and NetApp.”
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