A smart way to invest in crypto: The Dollar-Cost Average strategy

You need a new plan for investing in crypto. Regardless if you are a novice or a seasoned investor, you may have sometimes pondered this question — is there a more efficient strategy for investing in crypto that circumvents the price volatility of this digital asset, general uncertainty, and fear of missing out? Well, actually, there is, and it’s called Dollar-Cost Average (DCA).

Invented in 1949, Dollar-Cost Average, also known as the constant dollar plan, is a mature investment strategy that brings stability to the wild west of crypto. As a relatively new investing approach for crypto enthusiasts, DCA resolves a lot of the risks generated from the volatility of cryptocurrencies by supporting investors willing to invest regularly at an average price regardless of market fluctuation. With a smart and secure approach, DCA offers investors the possibility to reduce the average cost per token for medium to long-term periods. Using Dollar-Cost Average, you can buy a steady amount of cryptocurrency without putting too much pressure on your bank account. Another major benefit of DCA is that your buying price average can be considerably lower during bear markets, allowing you to make maximum profits during bull markets.

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Key elements of DCA:


Dollar-cost averaging is a viable investing strategy that shines especially during periods of recession and bear markets. However, this does not imply that DCA is used exclusively when the market is down. Committing to DCA means that you will invest, regardless of the state of the market, to obtain an advantageous average price in the long run, which can save investors from psychological biases.

Other advantages of DCA are:

How DCA works

As an investment strategy, Dollar-Cost Averaging is straightforward. First, you decide the total amount you want to invest and split it over a period of time. It can be once a week, once every two weeks, etc. The schedule and amount of money differ from case to case. The next step is to decide what crypto you want to target and start investing according to your schedule. If you decide to rely on the services of an exchange, you can automate this process to make it easier.

DCA is a simple tool that can enable investors to accumulate savings and wealth over the long term. It is attractive for its ability to ignore short-term volatility. One thing to keep in mind when using DCA in crypto is transaction fees. However, since DCA is a long-term strategy, the fees you pay could get offset by the duration of your investment and its profitability.

For Whom is Dollar-Cost Average great

It’s no secret that cryptocurrencies are one of the most volatile asset classes, as they can undergo wild price swings monthly or even on a weekly basis, making them very unpredictable. DCA helps stabilize this aspect by taking advantage of market dips and averaging out returns. As such, DCA is great for investors who want to tap into benefits like average lower costs, automatic investing, and less psychological stress.

DCA is especially alluring to novice investors who don’t know the technical aspects of the market and are prone to mistiming their purchases. It’s also great if you don’t have a large liquidity pool to invest everything in one go. For experienced investors, DCA can be a reliable long-term strategy.

Investing is a tricky game, so it’s important to consider potential returns as well as your own risk tolerance. It’s true that with DCA, you pass on potential gains that you otherwise would have earned if you opted for lump-sum investing at the beginning of a bull run. However, success in that scenario relies solely on timing the market correctly. Unless you have a crystal ball to predict the movement of the market, you will be prone to timing errors. So, if you want to reduce the risks associated with volatility and avoid feelings of regret after a potential loss, even if it means forfeiting potential gains, then DCA is a good choice for you.

An example of DCA in real life

To get a better understanding of how DCA works, let’s take a hypothetical example. Imagine that John Doe has USD 400 that he wants to invest in $HEART. In a lump-sum purchase scheme, John will analyze the market and spend all his money in one go.

In contrast, if he employs a DCA strategy, he devises a schedule. To do this, John decides to divide his funds into four equal parts and purchase $HEART once a week, which will give him an average purchasing price.

Under the lump-sum investing strategy, John goes all in, which can yield a greater profit if he manages to predict the market and buy at the beginning of a bull run, or he can mistime his purchase just as the market is beginning to crash. If he goes with a DCA strategy, he has a lower potential of hitting the jackpot, so to speak, but is subjected to fewer risks.


$HEART Token

DCA is very similar to placing an order for a recurring purchase on a crypto exchange. Even if you stand to generate more substantial profits from a high-risk, high-reward approach like buying during the dip and selling on a bull run, it’s generally accepted that DCA is a safer strategy that can yield above-average profits.

Crypto has witnessed huge price fluctuations during its relatively short existence, and its potential for future growth is undeniable as crypto acts as the backbone of the innovative tech projects of tomorrow. If you want to get involved with crypto but want to adopt a more cautious approach but still benefit from this asset’s volatility, adopting a Dollar-Cost Average strategy can be a good starting point.

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